VIPole is an all in one application that not only enables you to stay connected but also increases your productivity at the end of the day. The application can be used by individuals, teams as well as corporations that want to enhance on their productivity using modern technology. The application applies the technological approach in order to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized persons. Whether you have been looking for an application for messaging, calls, videos or sharing of important data with others you can bank on VIPole. With this application, it is only the owner who can use and manage data. If you are tired of cases to do with data theft then you can bank on this application to solve the problem once and for all.

The application is easy to use, thanks to the simple design. The app is secure such that only the owner and his contacts have access to the data in their devices. Forget about applications that allow strangers to access your data and look for VIPole to protect yourself. Through the end to end encryption, the application protects your data whenever you are having private conversations with business partners or any other persons. It also keeps your information secure when you are conferencing or transferring data elsewhere.

User interface

The application boasts of different features that will make you to fall in love with it even more. Some of the unique features of the application include but not limited to the following

Instant messaging Group chats-You can enjoy unlimited chats with as many people as you want using the application

Voice calls-The channel allows making free and secure calls

Video calls-The application enables you to make free calls through your mobile device and desktop.

File transfers and storage- VIPole allows you to transfer and store different forms of data across various devices at no extra cost

Make calls to both mobile and landlines devices-Enjoy fair price of international and local calls at fair prices you are not likely to find elsewhere.

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