In 2015 Game Center offered us a new game called “Planet Matrix”. Actually, this game immediately attracted Apple users attention. Nowadays there are thousands of different games which can offer us practically everything. We have already seen HD graphics and premium quality sound, so now people want something more than just a perfect quality. Yes yes, nowadays it isn’t enough for users to have a perfect quality game, now we want to see something that can capture our attention, something which can make us addicted to this game. Some games can be the best quality but you don’t feel that you want to play again and again. But sometimes the game can be very simple but you won’t be able to resist a strong feeling that you want to play it. Planet Matrix is a special game. We can see that developers have made a great work before they released this game. A high quality makes this game very fascinating because HD graphics gives an opportunity to be a part of the virtual world. Sometimes when you are tired of work or studying you want to escape from reality, and this game gives you a great opportunity to escape from the reality!


Matrix Planet is a game with a fascinating plot. Here we have a charming main hero, monkey Fourier. This monkey will be with you during all the gaming process . The gaming process sounds rather boring I suppose. But when we talk about Planet Matrix the words “gaming process” have special meaning. Under these words, exciting adventures, magic world, dangerous and amazing jungles are hidden. According to the game’s plot our monkey Fourier lives in jungles. Actually, jungles are full of interesting things and here you can find something everything on every step. Despite Fourier is a citizen of jungles he can’t solve all problems alone. And that’s why you are here. You will be responsible for the life of little Fourier who relies on you and your help! You will be able to help Fourier through different puzzles. Your mission can be completed if all puzzles will be solved. During a gaming process, Fourier will be waiting for your successful results because will Fourier live happy in jungles or not , it depends only on you!


Which interesting features can you find in Planet Matrix? First of all, a pleasant surprise for you can be various levels. Each level has different difficulty. So you will always be interested because of such changes. A pleasure for ears will be a perfect music. I think it is a very important feature while playing a game listen to a good music. Good music and HD graphics will create a perfect gaming atmosphere, so you will be able to relax and to have a rest. The most important detail is a puzzle. Yes, developers put all efforts to create interesting nad rather complicated puzzles for you. Another interesting addition is that now you will be able to buy lifes for Fourier. So, now Fourier can be calm because he always has a chance to stay alive. Just enjoy new adventures with Fourier!

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