Cars and racing are a serious passion for many people. When it comes to racing, F1 is the most popular and the most sought after. F1 racing has a wide audience all over the world. Generally, when there is an event happening, the game enthusiasts would love to know titbits of the game and other aspects of the event. When it comes to racing it would be a lot easier when we all know the facts and figures from the lap time, about the diver and every other thing which is important from the race point of view, all in a very easily accessible manner.

The Red Bull Company has developed and launched an app which exclusively satisfies all the aspects mentioned above. Named the Red Bull Racing Spy, this app is available for the iPhones and iPad’s with iOS 4.0 or later versions.

Red Bull Racing Spy app gives you an insight about the happenings in the Energy Station of the Red Bull Racing. It gives you all the information about the gossiping and other behind the scene events which happens at the Paddock, on the tracks or even at the pit lane. It will give you much more information about the F1 champion and their secrets. This app will give you as many messages as possible and it will never be a letdown.  Red Bull Racing Spy app provides you the access to the inside happenings of the F1 racing and the special feature in this app is all the information are provided along with a witty anecdote.


  • It gives you the information and facts which are specific to each and every race.
  • The app presents real commentary from a person inside the event and live as well.
  • The app allows you to access the Red Bull racing Grand pix diary.
  • The users are able to view an exclusive collection of pictures from the inside and the behind the scene events.
  • The app gives you the full race results along with the individual driver and also the constructor championship and their standings.
  • There is a special feature where you can tweet directly from the app, and can also provide the Facebook comments.
  • When you feel that you have missed some inside information about a racer, there is an option where you can directly question them through sending tweets in this inside network.
  • The calendar option allows you to track the important race dates, so that you don’t miss out your important races and always have a track of them.
  • The Race Graphics option gives the statistics at a very new way.


Red Bull Racing Spy helps you access loads of interesting information at a glance and saves fans a lot of time that may be spent in searching the internet for each and every detail. This makes your life more convenient and easy since it brings all the information to you at a tap. Red Bull Racing Spy app can be downloaded from the App store for free. All you need to do is to download and enjoy yourself by keeping yourself updated on all the vents at the F1 racing.

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