Finding directions to a place is a difficult task to many people, it is because of the fact that we live in a very large country and it is nearly impossible for any single person to be a master of all the places.  Many people move and relocate around the country every year or some people even move on a monthly basis, since it is very essential that every person needs a guide to help them over the directions in the new place.  People can use GPS in order to find the directions in the new place, but while driving the car and looking in the GPS to confirm the directions, it is essential that we keep track of the speed with which we drive our cars.

It will be more helpful when there is a speedometer in the same device so that we can keep track of the speed at which we drive the car. This is available in the new iPhone app known as the Map Speedo which was developed by KalanaJayatilake (Askpi Systems). This new app is compatible in iPhone, iPod’s and iTouch’s and the software should be iOS 5.0 or later.

Map Speedo is an extraordinary iPhone app which helps the person who drives the car to have the knowledge of the speed with which we drive the car and also at the same time get the directions for the pace which we want to reach very easily and more effectively. The map available in the Map Speedo has all the features that any one would expect in a navigation based map. This includes the directions, user tracking, location search and many others. The speedometer feature that is available in the Map Speedo app is very accurate, and it helps in tracking the live speed of the car. The speedometer is available both as a dashboard speedometer and also as a digital mode.  It is available in two options that are Kilo meters per hour (KPH) and Miles per hour (MPH).


  • Helps in finding accurate directions
  • There are four types of maps which are available they are Satellite, Standard, Hybrid and Dashboard.
  • The Digital Speedometer is available in MPH or KPH
  • Easily understandable Navigational based Maps.
  •  The other important feature available in Map Speedo app is User tracking
  •  It also helps in finding exact locations.
  • The navigation map is available with live speedometer or as navigation with full map


The Map Speedo is a very useful application that every iPhone user should have for easy and hassle free navigation. The app is very easy to use and can also be easily navigated and can be easily understood by any person who has no knowledge of the directions. This app is available in App store for $ 0.99, so all you need to do is to download this app from the store and enjoy the benefits of the app to enjoy a peaceful drive without any stress of the speed and traveling in a wrong direction.

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