Social networking has huge potential for making a positive impact on the world. Making the most of this potential is the new social app Awesome. Combining all we know and love from social networking with gamification & features purpose-build to promote positivity, it provides a fresh way to enjoy & benefit the world with social media.

On the surface it’s got all the features we love from other social networking platforms; the ability to post, share & engage with pictures, videos, messages and more, plus a ‘game’ factor that lets you earn points by completing achievements. These achievements could be something as simple as “Take your spouse out for dinner” or even helping the Humane Society find new owners for animals up for adoption.

Once you earn points, your profile ‘levels up’ and the colored ring around your profile picture changes color, gets brighter & becomes more animated. You can compete with friends over who can accumulate the most ‘Awesome Points’ and check the winner on the leader board.

Awesome has a bunch of features built from the ground-up to make sure social media has a positive impact on the world. You can still have fun with your friends and find new communities while making a genuinely positive impact to your own life and others’.

Download the app today on Google Play and iOS.