Puzzle man pro is a must have for people who love doing puzzles and want to start out with the basics. Whether you’re waiting at a doctor’s office, at college or just have free time on your hands, Puzzle Man Pro provides easy navigation through the levels in the game. This makes it great for kids or adults who need something to pass the time. The pictures provide beautiful scenes as well as a great choice of painters. With over one hundred and eighty five thousand downloads, you could find various reasons to download Puzzle Man Pro on your iPod, iTouch, iPad or iPhone. The easy puzzles have 24 pieces while the medium ones go up to 54, the difficult go to 96 and the expert puzzle has 150 pieces. The numbers of pieces are reasonable, since you will really have a hard time solving a puzzle of 1000 pieces on an Iphone.

On the basic puzzles, you do not have the zoom feature, which allows you to see your progress as a whole or up close. As you start to do your first puzzle, you can double tap the pieces to rotate them. When you are doing your puzzle, you can check out the picture by tapping the information or the “I” button on your screen. It shows you the whole picture as well as the painter and the time it has taken you to do that puzzle. Another great tool on that screen is the ability to zoom into the whole picture to see the details of the picture, making it easier to complete the puzzle once you start it. You also have the option to return or just restart the puzzle.

Once you pick the right piece, the puzzle pieces blink, which is another way to let you know that you’re on the right track. The puzzles are given to you as you complete previous puzzles. If you haven’t completed one puzzle, you cannot pass on to others, which limits your choices as you are starting out in the game. However, the point of the game is that you actually improve as you go through the levels gradually instead of just giving you the hardest puzzle in the game. In the latest version, you can even create your own jigsaw puzzles using images taken from your phone or downloaded images, which make this puzzle interesting as you add new images.

When you finish your puzzle, the time it took for you to finish it appears on your screen. Need to leave quickly from your puzzle? No problem, the game has an auto-save feature which allows you to get back to the puzzle once you restart the game. The game is constantly improving as the updates roll out, fixing crashes and bugs which have had users complaining. The game is basically worth it because it’s free and easy to use. However, you have to buy more puzzles in order to get more pictures and, from what we have seen, you can create your own jigsaw puzzles once you buy the full version, which only costs 99 cents. The game has three languages: English, Catalan and Spanish, which really broadens the range of users. There have been previous versions and the new reviews have not been posted yet, so feel free to check out their Facebook or Twitter page to stay in touch with their new updates.

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