This amazing App developed by NewspaperDirect Inc. contains a collection of more than 2,300 newspapers from around 97 countries in 54 languages. The featured newspapers carry full content, and to top it all, it is available in just one App. The PressReader 3.1.2 is optimized for iPad Retina Display and provides translation on the spot into 12 languages. PressReader 3.1.2 proves to be the ultimate in reading experience with its SmartFlow content presentation. All these features enhance the effectiveness of this App as the most content rich, engaging, reading application that has been discovered in recent times.


Browsing and reading the complete digital copies of any newspaper or magazine just like reading the printed version is easily accomplished using this amazing App. The perusal of articles using SmartFlow enables effective and enhanced reading, as incorporation of visuals engages the attention of readers more and also delivers priceless bits of knowledge to delight the reader.



– This cool App ensures auto-delivery of your preferred publication.

– The SmartFlow design engages the attention of avid readers.

– The entire content of the pages or articles is provided as such without omission of any detail.

– The font size and type can be adjusted easily.

– The SmartZoom feature enables automatic alignment with the starting words of an article.


– This App helps in enhanced browsing options such as Cross title search. Cross title search simplifies the process of gathering information about a certain topic.

– The Retina Display in the App is subscribed to which authorizes PressReader and provides instant translation into 12 languages.

– Stories can be easily shared using email, social networking sites such as Facebook, or Twitter.

– Articles can be easily saved to Evernote or Instapaper applications for future reading.

– On-demand audio enables listening to articles.

– The complete articles can be copied or pasted onto applications which enable taking down of notes.

– Opinions regarding supporting or opposing a specific issue in question can be shared among readers.


Summary: PressReader 3.1.2 provides the ultimate reading experience when it comes to reading of your favorite newspapers or magazines from all over the world. The SmartFlow content presentation design ensures the best reading experience. The full digital copies of newspapers and magazines from about 97 countries with translations in about 12 languages are available using this App.

This App is supported in both iPhone 5 and iOS 6, so you can be updated with the latest news, even on the go. Right to left article display view can be obtained for Arabic text or publications. The App contains localized country and language list in the store catalog. Choosing the newspaper or magazine of your choice is therefore, made easier. The PressReader 3.1.2 also has provisions for various alterations and improvements too.

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