Vector HD app for iPad brings back the thrill of chase. Only this time it is the player who is being pursued by an assailant. As the game opens, players find themselves in a totalitarian world where freedom is the forbidden fruit. As a runner, each has to break free from this world and there is only one weapon to yield –Parkour, urban ninja style. Gamers have to slide, run, climb and jump using dangerous maneuvers to escape. All this while, Big Brother is hot on their heels, single mindedly pursuing them to catch them and bring them back, or worse, finish them off.

Vector HD uses the sport of Parkour to help players escape to their freedom and is full of game options and levels which are sure to appeal to both first timers and seasoned gamers alike. The most popular features of Vector HD app for iPad are listed below.


  • Vector HD app for iPad is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 3.2 and later versions.
  • Vector HD 1.0.2 is developed by Nekki Ltd and is a Parkour based game app for users of all ages.
  • It occupies 42.3 MB of phone space and is available in English.
  • The game has more than 30 levels and each is designed with an escalating grade of challenges.
  • Vector HD is an action packed game, in the Arcade game style, by the same developer.

  • Techniques used by real life Parkour disciples have been incorporated into the game making it highly attractive to games who like action and excitement at every step.
  • The game app has some fantastic animation at work and an intuitive interface which is prepared using Cascadeur animation guides.
  • iPhone users can also download the app without sacrificing on any of its features.
  • Vector HD is a highly socialized game. It simply means that players can link it to their Facebook accounts and share score. Vector HD is available on Facebook itself and players can compete or strategize together.
  • The app controls are simple. There are clear stats boards on the screen and players can learn them quickly.
  • The game can be made more interesting through in app purchases. Most popular in App purchases include coins. 2,000 coins are available at $0.99, 6,000 coins at $2.99 and 10, 000 Coins at $4.99.
  • The app is priced at $1.99. As a special promo, iPhone players can download the app with a code – PFL7HTELALRY.

Summary: Vector HD game app for iPad is most suitable for players aged 9 and up. This is because of a mildly violent content, although this is depicted by cartoon or fantasy figures. It is one of the most popular Parkour and arcade based game apps and both young players and adult gamers get hooked to its breakneck speed and tricky timing.

Good: Earlier bugs have been rectified, specially, the crashes occurring right after introduction part.

Bad: Overall a god game but is priced a bit steeper than game apps of this genre.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

Download Link :   Download the App Here