Blo-Ball is a Mac soccer game that plays on the Mountain Lion Operating system without any glitches. Previously, I am using Snow Leopard but could not get it working. Somehow, after re-installing the operating system, I can get it working. The Lite version of the game works fine on the Snow Leopard.


The game can be played over the network or you can play it alone. The single player mode consists of Normal Game, Turn Based Game and One Touch Game. In the normal game, you get to experience what is a 2D soccer game. There is sound of the audience cheering in the background while you play the game and the game is more flexible where you can command your soccer players to take various positions in the game to wait for the ball. The Turn Based game is a little too slow for casual players. You need to be very patient to wait for the other player to react and think what moves to counter-attack in return. The One Touch Game is suitable for those gamers who just want to play the game with the less number of moves. Once you touch a player to hit the ball, he will “disappear” and the enemy will react in return.


As for network games, you can either play in Normal Game, Turn Based Game or even One Touch Game mode.  In order to play the network game, the other gamer must be on the same home wireless network. It does not work through Internet though like FaceTime. I feel the game can add some visual expressions of the other gamer on the other end of the network. It will be more fun to see the other party’s expression when they win or lose the game. As I do not have friends playing on the same network, I cannot comment more on the gameplay.


It is interesting to note that the gameplay can be customized through the game controls in this game. You can either use Flick Mode, Drag Forward, Follow Player or Fix Play Direction. Each of these game controls can be de-selected or selected through the use of radio buttons. If you need help on playing this game, you can read the “Documentation” section of the game. The help instructions are all in plain text. The instructions can be further improved by having graphics to depict the gameplay. This will explain things clearer to the gamer who has little knowledge on soccer.

For a price of 99 cents, you can certainly give this game a try as it will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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