You will definitely enjoy Cool Word if you like games like Hangman, Scrabble and other word construction games. Cool word lines up a few penguins holding an ice cube with a written letter. The objective of the game is to construct words with the given letter ranges given to you. You will get the most points for the words with the most letters, so be sure to use your knowledge and creativity.

Cool Word can be classified as a great game for kids because of their colorful setting as well as their gameplay. Their gameplay develops the child’s ability to use and create new words as well as increase their Intelligent Quotient, therefore expanding their vocabulary. Adults can take advantage of the game as well, which could mean hours of play time while waiting at an office or just playing the game for fun. The game is very simple to use and it’s one of the reasons why it was rated age 4 and up.

The game hosts decent graphics and animation, on the right side of your screen it displays how many words you can find from each number of letters. As you pick the letter, the penguin shoots the Ice Cube into the ocean, displaying your chosen letters in the order that you pick them. The scoreboard is above the screen and, once you finish writing your word, a notification tells you if the word is right or wrong.

The developers at Hill Stone Animation Studios classify Cool Word’s genre as edutainment. The classification pretty much explains itself, confirming that you will definitely learn whether you have extensive vocabulary knowledge or not. Navigation is pretty simple in the game and we do expect more game modes to appear as the updates start.

Cool Word is pretty much new in the Itunes App Store, so we do recommend that you check it out yourself before you read the small amount of reviews. Cool Word has great potential when it comes to improvements on game modes. It is just starting out, so you should keep a close watch on this game. Cool Word is free to use and provides hours of play for their 548 levels, which will definitely keep you busy. The game has animation as well as great vocabulary and we would definitely like to see other game modes such as a timed mode as well as versus mode, which is good for sharing amongst your friends.

Rating of the Game :   *  *  *  *

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