Sometimes it becomes quite boring typing the same message over and over again. This is especially if one wants to invite friends, family members and even colleagues for a certain meeting, coffee break or dinner. What if there is an app that can do that task in the easiest and fun-filled manner? This can absolutely be amazing. Interestingly, Mediaforce Limited has come up with the fantastic HeyApp Messenger that will give the user an incredible moment when sending text to friends. The user gets a chance to send a ‘Hey!’ text, share different videos, stickers, locations and images. Besides, this amazing app has created an efficient platform where one can easily communicate with other individuals regardless of their location in the world. It is clear that users can now easily enjoy quick and secure chats through sending instant messages with HeyApp Messenger. It has indeed proven worth downloading!

How the HeyApp Messenger works

This current version 1.1 of the app has adopted an amazing user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate and use. At first, the user will discover that there is the platform for contact list where the names of friends can be saved. With the presence of the search bar, the user can easily locate different names in the contact list in a flicker of a second. Meanwhile, the app comes also provides a chat platform which contains the history of different chats that the user has engaged into. This makes it much easier to refer to individuals that the user chats with them frequently.

How about creating a status? Apparently, the app has come up with different status options that the user can apply. This may be in relation to what the user is currently doing, current location and the general status. Some of these options include ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘At The Movies’, ‘ At Work’ and ‘Can’t Talk, HeyApp Only’. These can be used to convey the message to other users in a very simple manner!


Compatible Devices for HeyApp Messenger

With consistent improvement being done on this app (its recent update was on 18th August, 2016), its quality and performance continue to meet high level of standards. This clearly implies that it absolutely requires devices that can perfectly support it in the best way possible. Currently, the suitable device for HeyApp Messenger is Android 2.3 or any latest version available. The operating system should also be stable in order to run it efficiently.

Here are the distinct features that the user will discover from the HeyApp Messenger:

Instant texting and sharing media

Actually, HeyApp Messenger has made texting and sharing of media files pretty simple and fun for the user. Some of the files include videos, documents, photos, locations and contacts. Interestingly, this is done in a super-fast, simple and in a safe manner. Besides, the user just needs to have internet from local subscription and send unlimited texts and media for absolutely free! Furthermore, the user can identify if one of the friends is online and initiate instant chats.

Make different customized settings

At some point the user might want to change the contact number into a new one. This option is perfectly facilitated by the HeyApp Messenger. Besides, with the aim of boosting security, the user can opt to change the security code at the settings platform into a new one. Other features that are available at the settings option include inviting a friend to join HeyApp Messenger, login out and even deleting the account.


Create a platform for the contacts

Once the user has activated and integrated the contact number with HeyApp Messenger, all the individuals and friends who have already installed this app will appear on the contact list. Interestingly, the app allows its users to set up a profile picture together with their status. This makes it pretty easy to identify different individuals and send them ‘Hey!’ message.

Refer to Chat List for easy interaction

Chat list has been known to store the history of different recent chats that one has engaged into. Apparently, the user can easily initiate new or continuous chats by referring to this platform. Any new message received by the user can also be accessed from the chat list. Besides, the HeyApp Messenger offers the user a chance to create or join a new group and initiate chat with other members. Clearly, HeyApp Messenger has been made to give the user a fascinating interactive session!

Check below for the Pros and Cons of the HeyApp Messenger:


· Sending messages made much easier and fast

· Secure platform due to data encryption

· Great storage space for unlimited messages

· Absolutely reliable and compatible with many devices

· Easy group chatting and information sharing


· none


Getting an amazing interactive platform that is super-fast, efficient, secure and reliable can be quite phenomenal. From the above review, it is clear that HeyApp Messenger has displayed great capabilities to give the user the best experience when chatting with friends. Additionally, the features portrayed by the app such as media sharing, status update, chat list, contact list and inviting friends make it a superb for communication. Currently, it is available for download for free at Google Play. Get it today!

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