The App Store may have many apps that work like checklist, To-do apps and similar ones. All of them lack the features we need the most. I, as a business man was looking for an app that would assist me in quick task entry, preparing subtask lists, alarms, reminders, etc.  The app Suru has everything that I need and has helped me organize without much effort.

Given by Esoteric Development, the app Suru can be downloaded for iOS devices. This app allows users to organise all of their tasks and projects in a simple manner. Users can create perfect outlines; make beautiful mind-maps, to-do lists with text and photos that are well-organised with just a phone or a tablet. Suru helps all those, be it students, teachers, business people or anyone to organise their work. They can create presentations, tasks, sub-tasks; organize office notes and so on.

Suru app lets you to brainstorm new ideas and projects and organise your research data with a proper structure. Users will be able to snap and group all the important and relevant photos that suit their project and ideas. You can sync the lists and outlines to the cloud and share them with other fellow users, friends, employees, co-workers etc.

Suru has many key features: It allows you to create as many new tasks as you want and also organize them by means of colours and prioritize them. For each of the items organized, you can set reminders and alarms and once when you complete them, you can mark it to make a note that the task is over. You can make sub-items to each, add details with photos and texts, re-organize, re-colour, delete and do a lot more. Not just that, With Suru, you can get a PDF outline of your work and share them with anyone. 

Suru has a very clean and neat user interface that allows users to handle everything smoothly. Suru helps you to organise anything that you want by making use of the colours you like. When you have any queries and feedback for the team, you can contact them through and share your ideas. This productivity app is available in 4 different languages and requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and works fine on macOS 10.12 or later models.

You can subscribe to Suru Pro at $1.49 monthly and $8.99 yearly. Using this subscription, users will be able to sync lists and outline across all their devices. It supports 7 new colours and also helps you with future Suru products. Users can backup all their work and photos in the cloud with complete security. You can sync with multiple devices and get the privilege of using it anywhere you want.

Worth Having App – Download the App