The Bloons TD 5 app is a tower defence having an unrivalled depth and good replay-ability. This app allows you to build up awesome towers, hire the new and coolest special agents and even choose the most favourable upgrades. Also, popping the every last invading Bloon in the most popular version of the Tower Defence Series. The Bloons app is engaging, attractive, delivers hours of fun and the most exciting app ever created. It is very compatible with I devices including the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices.


It features

-Cool Special Agents

-Original Tracks

-Special missions

– Two Brand New Towers.

-A Glorious Retina Graphics.

– Also, it has an entirely new tier of very Speciality building upgrades.

-There is Powerful Monkey Lab, which aid in a further upgrade of the towers. The monkeys have many devilish tricks that slows down any invading force or even destroy an incoming threat. It can do this using the sniper fire and the ninja interception.

There are also some special features of the app to aid in making the gameplay the best. This includes;

1. 21 Most Powerful Towers having activated abilities and two Upgrade paths.

2. ten special agents

3. 50 plus tracks

5.10 special missions

6.250 plus random missions.

7. New Bloons Enemies, which includes the Tougher Camos, Fearsome ZOMG and the Regrower Bloons. The enemies are from wave balloons but come in different flavours. Some travel faster than others.

8.50 plus game centre achievements and even challenges.

9. An iCloud support.

10. Three distinct game modes.

11. A free play mode immediately after mastering the track.

12. Four slightly difficult settings and a family friendly theme to enhance the ease of operation. Anyone from the family can be able to play the game.

The Bloons TD 5 app is fresh, very fun and challenging. With the planned regular updates, the app will be operational for months to come. However, is it important to remember always to save to the iCloud after a victory or even after each purchase so the progress is not lost but saved.
How it works.

Get a map with some cash for a start. On that map, purchase and place many defensive towers using that cash. Watch them assault the waves of your invading enemies. Rinse, repeat it and then expand using some little extra cash that you will receive from having defeated your enemies.

As the levels grow and move up, there is access to exotic new defensive forces. The levelling also rewards the XP useful for the upgrade of the strength and even the versatility of individual units. Make hard decisions as this genre, at times the game locks here at the upgrade session.

The compatibility of the app.

The Bloons requires and iOS 6.O or even later. It is, however, compatible with the iPhone and iPad touch devices. Download the app using your iDevices to enjoy the gameplay.

The Bloons TD 5 is perfectly pitched for the mobile users. The tower defence gameplay app is very captivating. With the special agents, graphics, towers, missions and iCloud support, The Bloons TD 5 can deliver hours of excitement and fun. Download this app using your iPhone or iPad device to enjoy the gameplay.

Worth Having App – Download the App

you can also visit the game on poki.