When I saw Photo to PDF: Create pdf photo app developed by Techrupt Inc on the App Store, I was primarily obsessed by the concept and their key features. I’ve finally had good time to dive into the app after a lot of analysis, and I have to surely admit that Photo to PDF: Create pdf photo app does not disappoint.

By using this app converting photos to pdf have been so simpler. You can convert your images to pdf in the fun way with this AI powered app. More importantly this popular app has a built-in integrated PDFBot, which will interact with you, perfectly understand your needs, and create the pdf according to your choice. Eventually, you can share the pdf to your family, friends, and colleagues or just save it for yourself.

The interesting part, it is completely free, no watermark and there is no ad to distract you from the fun you are having while creating your pdf with the pdfBot. PdfBot will ask you few questions, based on your answers it will convert your JPG to PDF, deliver you a beautiful PDF report to your perfection. With using this app, users will reach top of their productivity and also at the best of happy mental state.

What Makes Photo to PDF: Create pdf photo App Features So Special

The Bot will be creating the PDF for you

  • AI-Powered Fun way to convert pdf photos.
  • You will never experience that you are using a boring productivity app.
  • It feels you are playing a game and at the end a PDF document is ready to share with your loved ones.

Make a Cover Page for your PDF Document

  • Just tell the bot that you need a cover page and that’s all
  • You can even add a logo into the cover page; customize the title or footer of the cover page.

Import Photos from in Google Drive

  • You can import your photos directly from Google drive.
  • If your photos are already in the phone’s photo gallery, then no question asked

You can add Captions to your photos

  • When the bot asks you, just say yes.
  • Then you will have options to add customized captions or descriptions for each photo or image.

Do you want to organize your photos in templates/ layouts?

  • If you need to add more than one photo per page then no problem. The bot will guide you through selecting one of the pre-defined beautiful templates of two or four photos per page.
  • If not needed you can always put one photo per page and convert to pdf.

Absolutely secure one

  • The PDF is converted within the app in your device.
  • The pdf is saved and stored in your iPhone or iPad. So it is absolutely safe.
  • Share it to your friends & family happily.

Share the PDF anywhere

  • The Bot will create the PDF right in your device.
  • Later you can Email it, Print it, Message it or Share it through any other app whether it’s Facebook or WhatsApp or messenger

You can control the PDF file size

  • Ability to control the pdf file size from the settings of the pdfBot app.
  • Select the right photo quality option from Pixel Perfect/ High Quality/ Medium Quality/ Low Quality and the output pdf file will adjust the size accordingly.

This PDF Converter app will transform your beautiful photos into a well organized PDF doc and will professionally a memory document for you that you will be proud to save and share with. The amazing part is it’s a fun way to develop a professional pdf report from your photos that you have never wholly experienced with any other app in the App Store.

Final Recommendation 

Photo to PDF: Create pdf photo app developed by Techrupt Inc is certainly something that’s so much different on the App Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. This is a splendid app that will appeal to anyone who is looking for a change.