This Gelling designed game application is definitely a unique idea which would soon be copied from other application developers. It is specifically designed from a team of psychologists for a business teams in order to help and improve their coordination and collaboration. It is something which every human resources employee should consider for his company. In order to get the full experience you have to at least try it, but the effects of the Akeakami Quest are incomparable.

Basically, in order to join the team you should choose a name which could be your name or you could get creative with it. However, watch your creativity; it might become your nickname. After that you are inviting team players which would be your group and you would conquer the challenges with that specific group. The task is easy; you should find crystals which are scattered around an island you are stuck together. The symbolic might be simple, but the results are great. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t be able to find not one crystal by yourself, without the assisting of your team players. Now this is the main point to the Akeakami Quest.

The game is created in such a unique way which is facing you with challenges through which you are learning to build trust and respect towards your team mates.

The benefits of using it are numerous. It is enhancing the problem solving skills of the team members and motivates them to work together. The app also encourages them to communicate and helps them to cooperate. It is a perfect application for a newly developed team which hasn’t really got to know each other. By encouraging the team members to communicate, the whole team coordination is improved and every person learns his own place and effectiveness as part of that team.

This Gelling app is suitable and recommended for every stage of the team’s development. It is even a proper choice for a young organization whose next goal is including team people in its group. It will initiate an effective communication and be a great indicator of dysfunctional team members or techniques.

After testing the Akeakami Quest app on our newly established team members here are the results:


The application is able to transform any team into an effective one and create a healthy group climate.

It supports trust and self-disclosure.

It doesn’t work unless the team members are supportive of each other, after a while, every connected peer realizes that.


However, every product has its own downsides. With this application it is that it kind of pushes the limits of a group communication. This means that if you do not communicate and cooperate with your group members, you won’t be able to survive. And this is not a pleasant task for introverts who are not communicative.

Final verdict

Taken all into consideration, the Akeakami Quest application is recommended for any industry organizations which wish to receive constructive feedback on their group’s effectiveness. It is also suitable for promoting individual responsibility and accountability in the team. A highly recommended application for a highly effective team work!

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