One of the latest iTunes free App which can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad is a game called “The American Dream” by 1337. Almost each and every character in the game is fictional. It is a game that gives information about the democratic system which is desired for by everyone. It is an epitome of the might of the nation and its ideals. The never say die spirit and attitude while fighting for its ideals is impeccably shown by the different characters essaying varied roles right from a boy scout to the higher echelons of society like the President.

The aim of the game is to strive and get promoted from an ordinary youngster to the President and thus assume control of the nation and the people with white smiles and the entire Fast Food Empire. You can assume office in the White House, get all possible advantages making use of your newly acquired status, and also realize what the dream of millions of people who repose faith in you is.

The American Dream is a game for people who are determined to achieve their cherished goal in life and are ready to go to any extent for it. It reinforces the principle of survival of the fittest because the way to realize and make your dream come true is not easy. You can meet characters who are “well-versed” students, “attractive” pop stars, iron willed governors and Presidents with secretaries on the field of the game. You can group them together according to their social status and ascend to the next level to finally manage to reach the pinnacle of the democratic system.


  • The game is replete with sparkling humour.
  • Music exclusively suited to the game and its situations is an attractive feature of the American Dream.
  • The game contains 20 cool characters ranging from educated students, popular and cute pop stars, iron willed governors and Presidents with secretaries.
  • 20 amazing stories make up the crux of the game.
  • It provides Retina support so that resolution of images will not be affected.

Summary: Survival of the fittest is the need of the hour in this game. Any devious means resorted to in order to build up your career is justified in this game. There are no restrictions or prohibitions. You have to find the shortest way possible to reach the President’s chair. Make your dreams come true as this game is all about the freedom of opportunity and spiritual strength of a nation.

Good: The addition of new languages to the game makes it more popular. The stories and the characters involved in the game portraying the American ideals along with touches of humour and exclusive music all together make it a hot favorite.

Bad: Mild objectionable content, crude humour, as well as the idea of resorting to any means to achieve success may not make it advisable for people of all age groups.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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