While travelling in different cities, someone may want to discover the surrounding neighborhood, get a chance to come around coffee shops or tea bars and even hang out or work in them. Meanwhile, getting a chance to interact with other people while having sweet-tasting tea flavors and coffee blends can be absolutely fantastic! Now, this amazing experience has been brought by the incredible GoGoGuest app which was recently released on 3rd August, 2016 by DiallQ, Inc. The user will be surprised by the numerous unique places from all over the world which have been incorporated within this app to be discovered. Interestingly, discovering such places is absolutely super easy thus making the user track the best coffee shops in an instant. With a current rating of 5-stars, this app is indeed worth it!


How the GoGoGuest app works

First, the app is pretty simple to setup and operate. Apparently, this app can be quite efficient if one loves to change to change locations frequently or for digital nomads. It might also be amazing for those who love hanging out or working while in coffee shops or tea bars. When it comes to functionality, the user will just need to tap and start exploring different tea bars and coffee shops around the globe.

Interestingly, the app has integrated map locations that can assist an individual to identify the adjacent tea bar or coffee shop. This can also be indicated in visible walking distance thus making one to know how many minutes it’s going to take to reach the location. Actually, this app has proven to be user-friendly and highly effective when it comes to meeting user’s demands!

Compatible Devices

One will discover that this great app has integrated great features (such as amazing display and efficient map locations) which makes it to work perfectly on strong devices. These include iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Besides, the user will need to have iOS 8.3 or any latest version in order to get the best output from the app.

Below are unique features associated with GoGoGuest app. Check them out:

Co-work with colleagues and friends

The user will discover that GoGoGuest app contains an option where invites can be sent to friends and colleagues. They can meet at a coffee shop or tea bar that is not too busy and interact while co-working. Clearly, this app is perfect when it comes to connecting people in real life with the aid of a social platform.

More than 3000 coffee shops and tea bars available

This amazing has incorporated numerous merchants which come along with their gorgeous images where the user can go through them before making a selection. With only a tap, the user can also identify locations suitable to work or have some conversation with new friends.


Easy-to understand walking directions

Apparently, this app has been designed in a manner that the time taken to the nearest location is indicated in minutes; this helps the user to perfectly understand what to expect while walking through that distance towards the coffee shop.

Great tips about the nearest coffee shop

Getting to understand the coffee shop prior to making a visit can enable one to get acquainted with the place better. For instance, there are some coffee shops and tea bars which are convenient for working whereas others can only effectively support talking only.

Besides, the app will ensure that the user has been provided with essential tips of such locations in order to have an easy moment there. This can be aided by the map views of different coffee shops and tea bars in different areas.

A chance to develop personal profile

This feature is interesting in a manner that it can help an individual to express ideas and thoughts to other members with an identity. The user can make the profile attractive by adding different emojis that are available in this great app.

Get rewarded by some selected merchants

For the users who are in San Francisco, they stand a chance to earn variety of rewards offered by the GoGoGuest app. They can be able to access them from the number of independent merchants which are located within the San Francisco state.

Read through reviews from other customers

This feature will absolutely give the user a chance of getting to know different locations and coffee shops much better. Apparently, most of the reviews from the customers and users are honest as they are scrutinized before being posted. This will always ensure that one gets the best and accurate information needed.

Here are the Pros and Cons identified in this unique app:


· Easy to setup and use

· Has amazing social interaction platform

· Perfect for digital working nomads

· Offers a great and accurate guide to coffee shops and tea bars

· Great companion for creating new connection


· No security measures taken especially for external interaction

· No real time data offered


GoGoGuest app is indeed a fast-trending app that is bound to connect different individuals to amazing coffee shops and tea bars from all over the world. Acting as a social space, this app brings in real life to individuals besides acting as a perfect co-guide. It is absolutely worth downloading at App Store for free. Get into social space today!

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