Apple users have a number of unique features that are available exclusively to its users. One such feature is the in-app purchase from its store. The app, we would be throwing light upon here is the Apple After app.

What is ‘After’ app? 

Like life, death is a reality of life. While we are all aware of it and even dream about it, very few take concrete steps to create specific deadlines that their survivors can follow, post their demise. With growing technology, it comes as no surprise that apps have been created by developers via which any person can create his own will for others to abide by after his heavenly abode. The leading app in this niche can be none other than the offering by Apple, the ‘After’ app. It is hailed as the #1 last will and testament app available on the market. With this revolutionary app, one can easily share their last wishes, fond memories, regrets, messages or any other insights with the right person before breathing his last breath.

The working formula of the app  

Since the app is an in-app Subscription service offered by Apple, the app is available in its iTunes Store. You would need to purchase it from there and choose the type of subscription you desire. Post-purchase, you can download the app on any of the iOS devices be it your mobile, iPad or Mac. Once the download is complete, you can finish setting up your account, create your recipient list; create your wish list by making full use of texts, messages and pictures. Finally, initiate its automatic feature so that your wishes can be sent to the concerned person at the right specified time.

Features and benefits of the ‘After’ in-app  

The app offers you number of benefits and advantages like:-

· Foremost, the app by its very nature makes you think of all your dreams and last wishes and you start making concrete decisions in that direction.

· Thinking of death; makes you regret things that you should have done but did not do. The app gives you a rare opportunity to do away with those regrets. For instance, if you want to convey to a person the extent you care for him/her, you can record your feelings here and have the opportunity to pass it to the other person whenever you feel is the appropriate time. You can convey your specific feelings to any specific person.

· You can voice out your last will like what you desire to be done with your legacy.

· You can provide all crucial information about your bank accounts, insurance policies, pension funds, loans etc. so that your relatives can take concrete action post you.

· You can even share a kaleidoscope of your emotions and timeline as a fond memory to others and give them the strength to carry on.

Limitations of the app 

· The most significant limitation of the app is that it lacks any legal authenticity. The federal law does not give it any legal validation and thus all thoughts and wishes end up being just thoughts. You would still require a legal will.

· The app is available for only Apple users which make its usability extremely limited.

· The app requires an annual subscription. This implies that of fail to renew it any year, you cannot make use of it and the entire purpose of purchasing it in the first place goes down the drain.  

Our final take on the app  

Undoubtedly, the app provides you with an opportunity to voice your feelings, emotions and desire to your loved ones long after you pass away. It provides plenty of emotional satisfaction but unfortunately, it lacks any legal authenticity. If backed by proper legal documents and will, it can be the best app alley that can help you leave for heavenly abode in style and leave minimal fuss for your beloveds.

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