The GameOn is an iOS app launched by Korrio in October 2015. It’s a personal sports network where you can create custom channels by player, team, session or sport. The app is easy to organise, schedule and follow up on future and past events of a particular game or tournament.


It integrates all stakeholders involved (sports administrators, coaches, managers, parents, players and fans) under one platform. The app appropriately capitalises on our social interactions to take passion for sports to the next level. It can potentially transform our sports experience especially the youth.


Apart from receiving score updates and game highlights, followers can comment on the action directly through the GameOn app. Game Highlights are notified to all the followers so that they can be “in” the game by just a click. New moments can be shared instantly to relive glorious moments of the game. It’s easy to invite followers (family and friends) so that they do not miss critical events of the game.

Followers can share score updates, pictures, and colored commentaries with family and friends. If you are a player in the team playing the game then it’s easy to connect with your fans after the match. The followers have their own profiles through which they can chat and connect with other fans of the team or players.


The GameOn app has visually appealing looks with beautiful interface with easily navigable buttons in convenient positions to sail through quickly and comfortably. People of all age groups will surely like its elegant user experience.

It lets one capture & share critical moments of live matches via the app’s easy and friendly interface. The followers of the group who miss the match due to various reasons can get live feeds of the match via notifications which can be followed up later. It’s enjoyable to browse the important moments and stay updated.

Needless to stress how excited we would be to witness our children play the match and share it with our family and friends. The app really freezes those moments which took our breath away to be relived in future. You can call it a souvenir of a player’s sports career.

Multiple smses, emails and social posts are now things of the past. The GameOn app automatically aggregates all of the game content and saves it so those special moments can live on – anytime, anywhere.

Followers always know how their favorite player or team is doing and sometimes give invaluable feedbacks to the players to improve their game by rectifying mistakes. Personally speaking, when I happened to play a local football match, my brother could update my movements and performance on the field minute-by-minute to mom and dad who could not attend the match due to other commitments. Although we lost the match, but I gained a lot of insight from parents who readily could recognize my mistakes on the field. Even my friends watched the match gave a lot of inputs to improve my game.

The GameOn iOS app is a must especially if you are a passionate sports freak.

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