Taking advice from your elders for difficult decisions is always advised. It doesn’t matter if they have any knowledge regarding your problem or not. What matters is that they have a sensible mind and lot of experience. But sometimes, talking to elders isn’t the right choice. For example, if you’ve got failed in an examination, you can’t directly tell your parents about that. So first you will talk to your friends or brother who will understand your problem and give you a better choice. So whenever you are in a problem, you need someone to talk and discuss. Now that you can’t call each one of them separately to seek everyone’s advice, what you can do is post your question on PeepAdvice along with the available choices and they’ll give their vote. Didn’t get what I’m talking about? Let’s find out then.


PeepAdvice is actually one of the latest iOS apps that have been developed by PeepAdvice. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 4.3 or any later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

PeepAdvice gives you a platform where you can post your questions and the available choices so that your friends may answer them and give their votes. If we look carefully, the app is similar to a poll you create on your Facebook page. In fact, in many ways it’s similar to a Facebook poll. You as a voter may like whichever option you vote for and leave a comment as well. So it’s pretty apt to call it a polling application. You can also share these questions on Facebook and Twitter.


You can use only two choices for the voters to vote on. First, it appears to be limiting your choices as in many cases you have more than a dozen choices. But if we look carefully, I think it’s good to limit the number of choices to two. This way, the question-maker will give his question and choices a thought first before posting it.

Though this app is not a solution to all your questions, especially the personal ones or career choices where you’ll consent only a few close friends and family members, it’s good for public opinions. So if you’re asking about which Smartphone should you buy and you have two choices, then you can surely ask your friends about it. Another thing is that you can give your advice to others as well. It is a community and you’re a part of it. So you can follow anyone and get followed as well. So it’s an exchange of ideas overall.


The app is available for free in the App Store. You can ask your friends to join it and increase your social circle to get a more varied thought on your problems. You can certainly go for this app and you might get a chance to show how sage you are!

Pros: simple to use; post your questions with two choices; take and give advice; free.

Cons: can be considered a polling app; not a solution to all of your problems.

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