It is time to let the children find and discover different objects and animals. How? This has been made possible by the introduction of the Look & Find app game that allows kids to quickly identify different objects in a fun and exciting manner. Apparently, this addictive yet educational game created by Booty Bay Games has adopted an attractive environment for the gameplay and also included perfectly matching graphics to ensure that the experience is absolutely satisfying. The interesting thing about this game is that it will be able to improve the visual skills and attention of the kids as they engage with it. Besides, the user will discover how easy it is to play this game (which involves discovering hidden animals and objects) and overcome the challenges that may be displayed.

Understanding the Look & Find app game

Having been last updated on 31st August, 2016, this fantastic game brings a fantastic experience that exposes the child to a world of fun and learning. The game comes with over 60 different words ( in 6 different languages) together with picture images that the user can learn from them. Thus, it plays an important role in ensuring that the kid is able to improve skills on recognizing different shapes, colors and animals. Besides, the presence of amazing graphics and colorful display will ensure that the child will have a fantastic and engaging moment while trying to learn much from the game.

The suitable devices for the Look & Find app game

Currently, this amazing app has adopted high quality formation both in graphics and display. This makes it to require a well supporting device to boost its operations. For now, this game works efficiently with Android version 4.1 or any new available. The operating system should also efficient to boost the overall output of the game.


Below are the distinct features that the user will discover from the Look & Find app game:

Rich vocabulary of words for kids to learn

The Look & Find app game has been designed in a manner that it provides numerous words that the children can learn. This is perfectly aided by the presence of the images that are available thus making it for the child to visualize and come up with the best answer. It is just about looking and finding such objects and animals!

Use the maps to find the objects

Interestingly, the game comes with different 12 maps that the user can chose one from them To make it better, there are also 3 unique themes representing different environments. These include the beach, countryside and the zoo. The choice will absolutely depend on the child’s preference on the type of theme. Such maps can direct the user into finding different animals and objects.

Fascinating and attractive pictures included

In most cases, children can easily identify different objects once they have seen them. This great Look & Find app game has taken that into account by ensuring that the pictures contain colorful appearance that makes them easily visible. Thus, this has highly helped in boosting the imagination or the visual skills of the kids while learning.


A chance to boost skills in foreign languages

In order to ensure that the children using this app are able to get diverse understanding, there are 6 different foreign languages that have been integrated in the game. Thus, this ensures that the child can learn using the native language and proceed to learn other foreign languages. This will absolutely boost the overall knowledge of the child.

Brightly-colored graphics for great display

The presence of the amazing graphics and high quality animations make the entire gameplay session quite great. Actually, the entire performance of the game is highly boosted by the classic design that has been applied on the app. This is meant to ensure that the user will not only experience a fascinating moment but also have an easy time while figuring out different objects and animals.

Check below for the Pros and Cons of the Look & Find app game:


· Great improvement in kid’s visual skills

· Kids can now become more cognitive when solving problems

· A chance to learn new objects and animals

· Quite simple to setup and fun to play

· Varied languages available for learning


· Problems resulting from crashing

· Infrequent in performance at some times

Final Verdict

Look & Find app game has indeed proven to be a super awesome game that is well designed to give the child the best experience ever. The app has included essential features such as great design, attractive themes, diverse foreign languages and rich vocabulary of words. This is meant to bring total satisfaction to the user. Thus, it is a clear indication that this app is worth getting for the kid. Download it today from the Google Play for free and bring fun to the kid right at home!

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