Nowadays, even laptops are losing their touch in the market, because with the advancement in technology, Ipads have replaced them quite easily with many associated advantages like easy to carry, compact or light weight, whichever may be the case. If you can enjoy the same values and functions on same price, with a little bit compromise on behalf of storage capacity, it’s obvious that anyone would like to feel the elegant touch screen with his fingers. So, new applications supporting these devices also need to be that much supportive so that the user can appreciate it fully. PDF Connoisseur is one such app, which seems to have the potential to deliver what it has promised.

PDF Connoisseur is a PDF application designed for IPad. It has been developed by Kdan Mobile Software. It is actually a workplace for PDF files. You can do all the tasks related to PDF files which can be form filling, file transfer, conversion from any other format to PDF and many more such tasks, which are not easily supported by other similar software packages. Some of the highlighting features of this app are Text To Speech (TTS), high speed navigation, Image Scanning, Annotation and save to PDF option.

Text to speech offers you to hear the selected text in English, French or German, with the help of built-in voice engine. If you are not willing to stare at the screen for hours to read the documents, you can go for this option. Although, it will be a little bit slower, than your normal reading speed, but it is highly efficient while you are in a train or bus or in a crowded area where you cannot hold your device stable in your hands. The voice quality is good and clear enough to distinguish each and every word clearly. Save to PDF option is something you won’t find anywhere else. You can save file from any format including MS Word, Excel, Text to PDF with just a tap. It is really a useful integration as most of the times, we have to search for web options for the conversion. You can also highlight the selected text, scan stored images or camera files into PDF format.

The application runs very smooth and fast even when heavy PDF files are being opened. It also gives you options to connect with Cloud Storage applications like Dropbox, Google Docs,, Sugar Sync, etc. So you can directly share and download files from there and readily email your files. So, wide internet support has been provided.

The application costs $6.99. It seems to be a little on a higher side but looking at the features, it is justified. Also, if you have to regularly deal with these files, you just cannot afford to miss this application. The application has recently entered the market and there might be some more upgrades coming in the near future. If there could be some free trial available, it would have been a brilliant idea. However, the app is already very powerful and fully loaded with useful features.

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