Playing games in iDevices is always fun. The fun part reaches its maximum when you get a great gaming experience for free of cost. Squash is one such simple game which has a unique user interface, designed to work in most iDevices which has iOS 4.2 or later. Squash tends to remind of an old game but with a new look and new levels. Squash provides a great level of relaxation when you are really stressed out and it keeps you playing busy with it’s quick scoring techniques and enthuses you to move to higher levels. Though the concept is old, ABCiSoft worked hard to give you a true gaming experience with its simple graphics and excellent idea of several levels.

This funny little game has a simple navigation controls which is very quick and responsive, designed perfectly to incorporate well with the touch screen. All you need to do is just swipe the bar make your own game play. Place the bar in the right position to hit the ball to the target. You need to be quick enough and you need to judge the right position to place the bar otherwise you will end up in missing the ball. In turn you will lose points. You will have a set of life lines within which you need to reach the destined target. It challenges all the users to complete each levels by scoring as many as points and interests you to get the maximum possible game. This game is very addictive. Once you start playing the game, you won’t stop it.

The most interesting thing is the game sets you few simple targets to unlock. It sets you target to reach 100 points in 10 different rounds, it sets you to reach 200 points and it tests your capability of reaching the maximum points. The game’s user interface is designed with a black background and other objects are designed with more attractive colors. A black background will always keeps your look and feel more attractive and  ABCiSoft has implemented the same in Squash. The color scheme is selected to make the object look bright in the black which is what required in this game to keep our concentration and makes us focus on the game without any diversion.

Squash is designed to support multiple iDevices irrespective of the size of the screen. It adjusts its resolution automatically based on the iDevices we use. It’s really a great experience to play this wonderful game in iPad’s big screen. This game doesn’t have any age restriction, designed to keep you entertained right from the kids to an aged person. It empowers your concentration more increases your intellectual powers. ABCiSoft has created many games for kinds but this game is not only for kid, it interests any age group. This free little game doesn’t have any spam and annoying advertisements which is a great plus. On the whole this free game is a simple, attractive, entertaining and a complete package of full time fun. This is a must try game for any iDevice owner.

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