During this Corona virus pandemic, almost every country across the globe has issued a complete lockdown with only the essential departments like medical, pharma, electrical and security in work. During this crisis, many companies have granted their employees a work from home opportunity. Despite these measures, companies are not able to get to their full potential of growth which could be acquired on normal times. The world economy has gone into a recession and many teams are struggling with the possibility of growth in their current projects. When a team is all around a single table they are able to ponder al their ideas together and come up with the best amalgamated one. But when each person is at a different location and it becomes increasingly difficult to cope with the slow productivity.

Ulassa is a mobile app that aims to solve this issue.

How the app works:

Download ‘Ulassa’ app on your mobile phone and other smart device and launch it. The app has both free and paid version. With the free version you will only be able to connect to 4 people at a time. Under the paid version, the app allows the subscriber to have a multiple team space for every project. In this case the meeting will be attended by every member of the team where the subscriber will automatically become the Scrum master. The future updates of the app aims to have online retrospectives, issue archiving, agile knowledge base and much more.

Features of the app:

Ulassa app has a number of features of which some are listed here.

  • The app allows you to collaborate with your team remotely
  • Better productivity
  • User friendly
  • Enable a real time communication with the scrum team

Website : https://ulassa.com/app/planning-poker/

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