Have you ever wondered about the existence of ghosts? Who are they? Where do they live? Are they visible or not? What do you really think about them? These are the questions that arise in both children as well as adults. Some people say that ghosts exist, however, some rejects the notion. But according to you what is a ghost? The answer may be, ghosts are the intangible spirits of dead people that stay on earth. Traditionally, they are invisible but can permit humans to see them. But actually, do they exist or not? I have an interesting game for you which will change your belief regarding ghosts and you will really find it entertaining. It’s called Ouija, which is a real interactive spirit board game where you can talk to ghosts online in an app.

When you start the app, you can begin with a normal conversation and tap the screen to ask the spirit a question, such as: “ Are you a real entity?”, “ Should I get married?” and other things that matter to you. You can proceed further and communicate with paranormal entities and ask the Ouija about your destiny, future and your past also. You can simply chat with them whether you are arranging a little hangout with your friends or family at a party. You will get meaningful and honest answers to all of your questions. The answers are displayed instantly after you ask a question.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that, try to ask those questions, you’re ready to know the answers. They are not toys, but, supernatural powers. If you are a person who loves life and enjoy every part of it and have a good sense of humour then you should definitely try it. You can ask tricky questions and know about your siblings, your spouse or anyone in the family or your friends just to have some fun. It’s a magic online game and it’s really working which you can use both for fun and for serious matters.

The app has marvellous animations and enjoyable music. This online virtual Ouija board is not boring at all, it actually works. It’s easy to use with its user friendly interface. It looks like you are talking to a real ghost online.

OUIJA is totally a safe and secure game. It is created just for entertainment purposes only, no spirits were hurt during the development of this project.

The app is developed by Redwerk. It works with any android phone having 6.0 or any later version of the Operating System. You can get it from the Google Play Store @ ₹ 252.14 only.

Let’s have a conversation with the ghosts right from your phone! Don’t be scared! They will not harm you, in fact, they will entertain you.
Start the Ouija app now!

PROS: real interactive spirit board game; based on fun and entertainment; talk with ghost online; real answers; nice animations; pleasant music; secure app; easy to use.

CONS: none.

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