New in the city and trying to make new friends? No need to worry at all! With Buddypass Chat app, such kind of social interaction has been made much easier than expected. There is no hassle at all wondering where to start. This fantastic app dubbed as the next-gen social app is well-designed to bring different individuals from all over the world into a chatting mood. It has actually integrated an amazing platform that shows different new people in the surrounding area. Thus, once it has been downloaded, one can easily locate other people and start interacting with them. Apparently, to ensure that one is able to get the right individuals to interact with, this app is able to categorize different individuals based on their hobbies, passions and interests. Thus, it becomes an easy exercise to make new friends and possibly meeting them in real life!

Getting Started with Buddypass Chat app

The initial step actually involves giving personal information that is based on interests, passions and hobbies. This is meant to help other individuals with such shared values to easily locate and interact with the user. Afterwards, one can proceed to initiate conversation with individuals who are located in the surrounding area (actually the proximity in distance is accurately provided).

Alternatively, an individual can create or join an existing group and get into conversation. When it comes to the events, a group of individuals using this app can organize for an indoor or outdoor activity that matches with their interests. This can offer an amazing opportunity to meet face by face and get to know each other better. Actually, this is a connecting app to all individuals ready to have a momentous experience. Whether one is in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii or any other place, Buddypass Chat app brings people close.


Distinct Features Found in Buddypass Chat app

Easy to discover events in surrounding area

With Buddypass Chat app, it takes a relatively short time to know which events are occurring in the surrounding area. Whether it is an imminent rugby match or the unveiling of a new movie, this app offers an effective platform where such events can be discovered. Thus, it becomes easy for users to identify which events they should attend and even send invitations to friends.

Accept or decline friend ship invitations

At first, this app is quite flexible and also ensures that the privacy of each user is highly safeguarded. Thus, it provides an option where one can send or receive friend request. Decisions based on friendship can remain independently on the user which in most case depends on the passions, interests and hobbies of the sender and receiver.

What about trying new hobbies?

In most cases, when an individual is new in the city, it is apparent that the hobbies that most people engage around the area might vary. There is no need to worry about such situations. Since most of the hobbies can either be indoor or outdoor activities, it is worth trying new ones. For instance, horse riding and hockey playing with friends can be really fun. Buddypass Chat app is keen on ensuring that the users get to try out the best hobbies available!


Establish strong connections with great people

Buddypass Chat app is focused on enhancing great communication and interaction which is bound to be lasting for long. Having some interest in joining music club? One can opt to join the group of individuals who are interested in music and share different ideas and opinions. Through establishing strong connections, some music dreams can even become a reality. Surely, this is an app worth trying!

Compatibility of Buddypass Chat app

Apparently, this version 2.2 of this app is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Besides, it works efficiently with iOS 7.0 or any latest version of operating system.

Pros and Cons identified in Buddypass Chat app

They include the following:


· A chance to mingle with new people

· Easy and efficient to use

· Colorfully designed graphics

· Contains a secure platform for interaction

· Great overall performance


· Mild profanity

· Crashing if not updated


When it comes to great functionality and incredible performance, Buddypass Chat app is truly the best! The developers have taken the user’s needs into account and ensured that this app brings great satisfaction. With the current 4+ stars rating, this is a clear indication of how it has achieved greatly as a social platform for connecting people. Why not get it today for free at App Store? It is time to have meet new people and have fun!

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