Not self-care in the indulgence sense. Self-care in taking care of your mind and well-being sense! NeuraBoot is a scientifically proven to work mental health app that everyone needs. 

NeuraBoot is packed with fun, engaging features that help improve your way of thinking, and overall mental health! The main feature, “My Mood” is a tracker that helps you identify your feelings, which is the first step in managing your emotions. After all, self-care can only begin when you know you need it! When or if you ever have intense feelings, NeuraBoot will notify your support system, to let them know you need them. You’ll never be alone. 

With everything you track and note in the app, you’ll immediately begin to see change. NeuraBoot does this by gamifying your emotional journey! In the app you can earn badges and unlock levels as you familiarize yourself with feelings like love, worth, calm, strength, empathy and courage. You’ll stay on track daily while enjoying the experience!

You can download NeuraBoot on iOS today!