You already know Fruit Ninja as one of the most successful apps on the Itunes App Store. With over 5 million downloads as well as their five star reviews make this app #2 on the Itunes list for most popular apps, right after Angry Birds. The game is very simple, fruits start to fly up on the screen and you need to slash them before they leave the screen. Creativity counts here, as you get combos for slashing the most fruits with the least slicing.

The graphics are pretty colorful. As the fruits are sliced, their juice leaves a colorful splatter on the slicing board. Be careful of things that you don’t want to slice, such as bombs because you only have three mistakes to make when you are playing Fruit Ninja Lite. You have four methods to play: Classic, Versus, Arcade and Zen mode.

Classic mode allows you to slice the most fruits within to slice all the fruits you want as long as you avoid making three mistakes. Versus Mode allows you to connect to your friend’s device, allowing you to compete to see who the greatest Fruit Ninja is. Arcade mode allows you to slice the most fruits in 60 seconds. Zen Mode allows you to slice all the fruits you want within a minute and thirty seconds with no bombs.

The game also offers achievements to unlock, some of them available if you check their Facebook page. From the features that you can unlock within the game, you can pick new blades as well as new backgrounds to play on, enabling you to have the ability to choose once you are familiar with the game. Their world leaderboards make it easy for you to check how you rank against the top fruit ninjas.

Apart from their entertainment purposes, Fruit Ninja Lite also educates you. The Sensei posts fun facts about fruits which you may have not heard before. This app provides hours of fun for either kids or adults and, from reviews, it is a game that is hard to put down once you get started. One of the advantages of this version of Fruit Ninja is that it no longer costs 99 cents.

The whole game is offered for free and new content is available for those who already had it. The new content is worth 99 cents on the Itunes App Store so feel free to check it out!

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