Do you like to play NBA-themed games? If so, then NBA General Manager 2016 New Season is something that you will surely love. This game app brings in a different flavor to your usual gaming experience. Unlike its action-packed NBA-based counterparts, lets you play basketball from a different perspective.


Playing as the Manager
Basketball-themed games that have been created over the years are played from the players’ perspective, wherein you get to control each player in your team to beat opponents. This app lets you play from a passive point of view; it lets you play as the team’s General Manager. As a GM, you get to decide on your team’s line up and how you want your team to play. You also get to sign up different players for different teams; you can even create your ideal team no other team can stop.

Individual Player Management
NBA GM lets you fully immersed into the role of a team manager. Not only you get to sign players and create your own line ups, you get to individually work with each of the players in your team. You can prepare your players by increasing their performance levels, improve their skills and then give them their first big break by letting them play their first game. By managing each of your players, you can build the ultimate team.


Being the Boss
Do you want to know how it feels like to be the boss? When playing NBA General Manager 2016, you get to handle not only your own team but your own franchise as well. You get to play the part by challenging your team each day to get your players read for the next league and beat future opponents.

Game Variety
One of the things that make this game quite addictive is its 3 game modes. You can either play head-to-head, on tournaments or the big league. With its game modes, you won’t have to settle for a boring game that only offers one type of game play.

Strategic Game
If you want to play the part of a strategy creator then the role that NBA GM puts you into is definitely a great one. You get to decide on how you want your team to play; you can instruct your team to focus either on offense, defense or both. NBA General Manager is a mind tickling game that every basketball fan can enjoy.

Peer-to-peer gaming
A game can’t be much of a fun if you can’t play it with your friends. To make your gaming experience more enjoyable, NBA GM features peer-to-peer gaming so you can not only play with your friends but also with thousands of users worldwide. It won’t be surprised if this game app becomes the world’s next mobile gaming craze.

Reality-based Gaming
If you are playing a sport-based game, you would want it to be as close to the real thing as possible. In NBA General Manager, the performance of your players is based on their real-world value, which is then based on their performance in real life games.

NBA General Manager 2016 New Season is a must-have for every basketball and mobile gaming fan out there. In case you want to make your gaming experience better, you can purchase enhancements through the app itself. Also, feel free to play the game with your friends and colleagues.

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