Coach guitar refers to an app that helps one in learning how to play guitar without any music theory. It is mainly designed for Apple and iOS platforms with training options for beginners and those who would like to learn more. It comes with an animated fretboard, as well as videos where you can easily be able to learn the various guitar hits all over the world. You will also have demos of the guitar lessons and songs in the library that you can train on playing. The app is also free to use and this article gives a detailed review of why you need to get it.


Have you ever desired to learn on how to play guitar but never got a solution? if you own an iPhone or iPad, then you need not worry anymore as the Coach Guitar iPhone app will offer the ultimate solution. Equipped with easy to use features and interface, it is definitely an app you will desire to have if you are a fan of music. The various features it comes with that makes it great for its functionality are classified as follows;

Equipped music library: You may not really have a song to play in mind, but this app will save you the time to think over what song you would want to play, thanks to the music library.

Video lessons: You will find simple, detailed and easy to follow video lessons within the app, that you can follow through. It also comes with an option of purchasing new lessons.

Animated color coded fretboard: This is a colored board that helps you how to effectively play keys either with your right or left hand.

Step-by-step approach by professionals: An approach by professionals will enable you to determine how professionals will go about playing the guitar.

The coach guitar app will not have any music theory, but rather it will teach on practical ways of playing the guitar.

Structure and chords diagram: This helps you to easily determine how to use the cords and overall structure of the guitar.

Why Consider this App

There are a number of benefits that the Coach guitar app comes with, which can give you all the reasons why you should have this app on your smartphone, such as;

– Easy to use interface: You will not need to worry about how to use this app after downloading it as it has been designed to be very easy to use.

– Does not contain music theory: Using this app, you will simply learn on how to play songs without any kind of music theory.

– Comes with a couple of video lessons: You will find several video lessons on a number of songs to help you train easier.

– The option of left-handed or right-handed views: You will have an option of using either your right or left hand, making it easy to learn.

– Free to download and install

– Supported in different languages

– An option of slow motion and loop video: If you do not understand from the ordinary video lesson, there’s an option of slow-motion video to follow.


– Applicable only to Apple and iOS apps, with a compatibility of iOS 8.0 or later.

– There are in-app purchases: You will get hidden charges while using the app, such as purchasing of songs and lessons

Final Verdict

The Coach Guitar iPhone app was basically designed as a solution to learning how to play guitar, especially for iPhone and iPad users. If you own an iPhone or iPad compatible to the app, you can simply use the app to effectively learn guitar even without an internet connection. What is more, it does not consume much space and it is free to download and install. It has however not gained much popularity, but it is definitely worth trying out.

Worth Having App – Download the App