Are you tired of playing games on your iOS device alone? If yes, what you need is an engaging real-time multiplayer game. You should try out Cut Cut Ninja, an iOS app game developed by Yufei Zhao. This is a gesture-based game where you can challenge players across the world in real time.


Playing this game is quite easy. There are a number of timbers that will be displayed on your screen. Each has a shape on them. You need to draw out these shapes to cut them. Always keep in mind that you cannot miss even a single one. You must make the best combos so that you slice all the timbers at a given time. You are not allowed to make any cuts while you fall. Also, you can cut open rolls to cast spells either on your opponents or to help you play better.


As you cut timbers, you will earn points. The person with the higher score wins the match in any game. If you wish to win, you must keep a watch out for chests. These chests have coins that you can collect upon cutting them open. You can further use these coins to unlock new characters with better skills and more speed. The game has a wide range of characters to choose from. All of these characters originate from the oriental myths. Some of these have special powers that can be activated whenever you want during the game.


While you undergo your ninja training, there are a lot of other ninjas also training across the world at the same time in the same program. You have to be able to stand out among all of these and prove your worth. You have to prove that you are the best of them all. This, of course, will come only with sufficient practice and some skills. You need to be agile and quick while cutting your timbers. This game is mainly a test of your patience, agility and control over the game.

Once you think you have got adequate practice, you can set out to beat others. To play against another ninja, you must challenge them to a game. The one that cuts more timbers in a given time wins. You can always cast spells to help your game or to weaken your opponent. To prove your superiority, you need to win the Cut Cut Match and show that you are the better Cut Cut Ninja.

Cut Cut Ninja can be downloaded from the App Store for free under the Games category. It is currently available only in English and requires 38.9 MB of memory space on your device. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone having iOS 6.0 or higher versions. If you wish to develop your skills as a ninja, this game will give you plenty of practice. You can also prove your worth as a ninja to others by engaging in multiplayer challenges in real time. This is one game that you have to try out if you have some free time to kill.

Good: Real-time multiplayer game

Bad: None

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