Ever thought of an app that brings great connection to the tourists, street vendors and other citizens in relation to their present location? This clearly implies that one will absolutely have an easy time strolling around and even identifying new potential markets available. This is what exactly Mercactivate app has been designed to offer to its users; that is, a quick access to the GPS of the new location and thus accessing to goods offered by the surrounding markets. Everything is perfectly brought in the limelight!

Developed by Armando Perez Acosta, Mercactivate app is available for its users in both English and Spanish languages. It received recent updates on 7th January, 2016 which has highly facilitated its efficiency in relation to improved accuracy level and the overall performance.


Interestingly, this amazing version 1.1.0 of Mercactivate app has come with great options where the users can get access to different items that they intend to purchase. Actually, the entire list of goods offered in the surrounding market places is available in the app together with their quoted rates. Additionally, users can go ahead to make different bookings of products.

Compatible devices for Mercactivate app

Mercactivate app has been high developed to incorporate high quality features that make it an exceptional app. Thus, the user will at first be required to use compatible gadgets such as iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This great app also requires an efficient iOS 6.0 or any later version available in the market for it to operate well and deliver outstanding results.

How To Operate Mercactivate App

Apparently, once this incredible app has been installed, the user will discover that it is quite simple to work with it. Actually, the navigations provided are visible and well-placed thus making it easy to locate different market places.

Besides, there is an interactive platform provided by this app where different users post their experiences with the Mercactivate app. This trusted and verified information can be a major boost to a new user in identifying new products and markets.

What about getting the products from market places? Actually, once the user has booked a particular product for purchase, Mercactivate provides a link of the trusted provider to the user, who can then proceed to engage in transaction.


Having some problems operating the Mercactivate app? No need to worry! Mercactivate has a support team that is ready to hear any arising issues (through private chat) and give you sustainable and lasting solutions. For Mercactivate, users’ satisfaction is a priority!


Check below the distinct features that are offered by the Mercactivate app:

Interactive platform for reviews

There are always varied experiences from different users once they use this amazing app. The necessity of sharing such information is absolutely worthwhile. This is why Mercactivate created a platform to allow users express their views on the overall performance experienced. Actually, don’t miss out to make a comment after installing this app. Thus, new users can indeed have an idea of what to expect!

Locate new products and markets

This is a core feature that is meant to assist users identify new market areas using Mercactivate. One can then proceed to make different bookings for products that are offered in such market places. Everything is done in a professional manner and well-facilitated by Mercactivate.

Distinct navigation tools

Mercactivate has gone a step further to ensure that users are able to locate different market locations with much ease. The presence of the GPS feature and the clearly-defined maps makes it quite easy to use this great app. The user ends up saving much time besides getting peace of mind.

Get Information on Products’ updates

Since this app also acts a platform for booking different products for purchase, it consistently takes the initiative of informing its users of any deals and discounts available. This prompts the need to ensure that the user keeps the app active always so that one can enjoy such great offers. Such offers mean much saving!


Well-designed colorful theme

The first fascinating experience for this amazing app is the colorful and high quality theme that has been integrated. It clearly brings out great exterior appearance that matches well with the layout design adopted. This amazing color scheme makes it much easier to identify visible locations on the map thus improving the accuracy level.

Here are the Pros and Cons that are notable in Mercactivate app:


· Colorful and high quality themes

· Quite convenient and time saving in locating markets

· It is efficient in operation and performance

· Features within the app are well organized (boosts efficiency)

· Interactive platform gives clear and detailed information about the product


· It is not accessible to many regions worldwide

· Infrequencies in performance sometimes experienced

Final Verdict

It is clear that Mercactivate app has come out as an exceptional app that provides high quality communication services. It not only links its user to the market places but also provides alternative products that one can book and make purchases. Its consistent efficiency, high accuracy level, convenient and great colorful themes integrated makes it a top-rated app (4+ rating) worth installing. It is the best time to get it now on App Store for free. No more hassles when tracing favorite market places or during vacations!

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