Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to track and get some files within the mobile device if they are not systematically arranged. First, one will end up using quite a couple of minutes to retrieve the file thus creating a lot of inconveniences. Besides, the level of inefficiencies may be experienced each time an individual want to access different files. This should not actually be the case; interestingly, Gmobile (earlier known as Geeksoft) developers have designed a pretty nice app known as File Expert to efficiently assist users in managing different files. These include documents, videos, images and even music among other different applications.

Essentially, this incredibly amazing app was last updated on 6th June, 2016 thus implying that its performance is highly improved and up to the expected standards. This latest version V8 has taken two factors into account; efficiency and simplicity. After undergoing a series of redesigning and upgrading, File Expert app has come out as an outstanding and highly defined app that delivers quality and satisfactory output.

From the user friendly nature, high graphic effect, material design and quality performance, File Expert has surpassed user’s expectations, a fact that has made it to be a top-rated app (from the honest reviews given). In addition, it is widely accessible all over the world in different languages. For instance, such languages include French, Japanese, Portuguese, English, Russian, Bengali, Spanish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Polish, Hindi, Thai, Bengali, Indonesian, Korean, Italian and Dutch. Note: Individuals willing to act as translators can contact and voluntarily assist in making the app accessible to as many languages as possible.


Actually, this great app has been designed to work efficiently on devices with not only great capabilities but also with exceptional qualities to deliver outstanding performance. Presently, it is well-compatible with android devices (from version 4.1 or any latest one available). Besides, the user will be required to possess a device with high-performing operating system in order to consistently boost the output performance.

Distinct Features in File Expert App

At first, there are quite a number of functional tools that have been integrated in this app to enhance different operations. Here are some of them:

1. Recently opened- It indicates the file that has been lately accessed

2. App manager- Allows user to backup files, perform sharing and even uninstall files

3. Recycle bin- Users can easily retrieve files deleted temporary

4. Superdownloader- enhances quick download in seconds

5. Batch Uninstall- It gets away with a number of apps in an instant.

6. SMB- facilitate access to files at home or office using Wi-Fi connectivity.

7. Tag- Gives an option to highlight essential files with varying color types

8. Compress & Decompress- allows the user to encrypt different files and reduce or increase their sizes; it applies features like RAR, ZIP and 7z.

9. File Shred-This tool gets rid of a file totally with no option of retrieving it back

10. PDF Converter- supports PDF conversion of files such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

11. Text Editor- facilitates editing and renaming of files

12. Wireless Print- Users of this app can link different files with different formats (HTML,TXT and PDF) and print right from the phone.

13. FTP Client- this tool facilitates adaptation of file management to FTP.


Surprisingly, one will come to understand that there are numerous essential functional features incorporated within this incredible app. They include the following:

1. Perform basic file-related tasks

File Expert app perfectly supports all operations that the user can undertake in relation to the files. This includes creating new files and shortcuts, copying and pasting, cutting, renaming, deleting, decompressing and compressing of different files. This makes the user to utterly have an easy time using it. Everything is just in an instance!

2. Space-efficient storage platform

Apparently, File Expert tends to provide a well-integrated storage link to external SD card and flash memory besides supporting the internal storage. Thus files can be conveniently stored with much ease and easily accessible. In addition, other storage platforms such as Box, OneDrive, Google Drive and Box are well facilitated by File Expert App for file management.


3. High quality classic design

Clearly speaking, the high quality design adaptation for this app is overwhelmingly phenomenal. This could be highly attributed to visual language feature (recently designed from Google) that has been integrated in this app. This makes the graphic effects and animations absolutely fascinating. Don’t forget to try out the shadows and lightning effects! Additionally, the themes are highly defined with adjustable screen appearance both for the day and night.

4. Flexible navigation menu

All that the user of this app requires is just to swipe right in order to get the entire full details of different files. Actually, all the major features involving different network tools, categories, storage platforms among other components are instantly displayed with a swipe! Want to create files or folder pretty quick? The floating button will perfectly do that task in a flicker of second. High efficiency and convenience is what is gained here!

5. Create, open and view multiple tabs

This interesting feature is really essential since one can access to different files at the same time with much ease. The entire formulation of the tabs for easy view not only saves on time but also gives the user a chance to multitask efficiently. No more closing of a tab to reopen another; all in one platform!

6. Enjoy quick and highly boosted performance

Notably, this version V8.0.6 of File Expert app delivers absolutely fast and advanced loading operations that take only seconds to be completed. This impressive performance is also evidenced when scrolling and undertaking other activities.

Here are some of the pros and cons that user will come across on File Expert App:


· Absolutely enhanced quick performance

· Easy retrieval and management of files

· The multi-tab feature highly saves on time

· Huge space storage- even up to the cloud

· Very convenient in printing and super downloader


· Infrequencies in relation to cloud storage

· Mild performance due to bug issue

New Additional Features

To enhance its functionality, File Expert app has fixed some issues relating to auto-backup failure and shred failure. New components added include Box cloud service, Batch Uninstall, Romanian feature, enhanced speed, thumbnail display, compress encoding and other decompress formats.


In summary, File Expert comes as a fully-packaged app with great formulation and adaptations which makes it exceptionally unique. With an overall rating of 4.4, it stands out as an app worth downloading. Don’t miss out on such amazing experience with the best file manager app. Get it today for free on Google play and get started!

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