When it comes to puzzle solving games, castle breakout is the game for you, the app is made of 3D graphics and designed using iOS 9 technology which makes it more realistic and fantastic. When playing the game, one has to outshine the castle security force to escape. With this app one can be able to explore different puzzles which are more like adventure scenes.


The game begins with an introduction which talks about the background story and the settings. The game consist of ten castles rooms which you have to escape from, your task as a security expert is to protect the castle and ensure it is safe. At this level, you have to find the right clues and solve tricky puzzles to escape and unlock rooms safely and the ride on the dragon.

Castle breakout app has the following features;-

  • Amazing Storyline; – the game begins with a humorous story line which makes the app unique and real. It gives clues to follow to move on to the next challenge.
  • 3D graphics; -the app is made up of 3D graphics which make the app more lively and interesting to play. It provides a unique view of the game which makes it appear real and natural.
  • Puzzles and clues; – in each level there are different puzzles which one has to pass through to move to the next challenge. For that to happen, clues are provided alongside which is very useful for you to outwit the security force and escape the castle. When playing the game, one has to think and make a good judgment.
  • Music; – when playing the game there is background music from award-winning guitarist Jon Sayles. The sound effects also make the game real and gives unique environment.
  • There is a section where you can share in iCloud and be able to access later
  • Finally, there is a game center where you can get support.



  • The game has 3D graphics which makes the game more lively and natural; you can explore different levels and have real fun.
  • The game is challenging and adventurous. It makes the game more addictive, and one has to think before making a choice.
  • It provides proper guidelines and clues to follow when playing the game.
  • The app has amazing sound effects which make the game magical real and lively
  • The app has different levels ranging from the easy to hard.



  • The size of the game is somehow large and, therefore, occupies large storage space.
  • Some levels are more tricky and difficult to go through.

In general, Castle breakout is one of the best iPhone apps to download and have real fun. The app has good graphics and some sense of adventure which makes the app have photo-realistic and natural features. It consists of different levels ranging from easy to hard where you can solve problems and make way through to premium levels. The sound effects and music tracks are also amazing, it makes the game more lively and real. Download now and have fun!

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