When it comes to playing a game that involves cards, the approach has always been quite different. Actually, there is much concentration that is utterly required since each step taken really counts. The player is required to apply both the skills and experience gained in order to ultimately win the game. Interestingly, the gaming industry has received a major boost and a new amazing game to try out; this is none other than the BC Blackjack app. This game of cards tends to adopt high quality 3D formation which tends to make it more realistic as the player is engaged in the game. Starting from the chips, the Blackjack table and up to the cards (full size), they all present great quality display and high resolution that makes them appear just like real features.

How BC Blackjack game works

With the need to have a clear understanding of the game, BC Blackjack comes along with an in-built trainer who is meant to give the player tips on what is expected from the game. The game has rules; thus as a player, it is quite critical to understand how different strategies can be applied in order to crack the hidden puzzle. Unlike in other related app games, BC Blackjack comes with an outstanding casino-like experience where the player in undertaking different bets, carrying out different deal cards and even stacking free chips provided (no payments made for chips!). To make it more interesting, one can opt to upgrade to the Pro version which allows customization of different rules of the game to align well with the casino-like features.


Apparently, this incredible game is available for free thus one can start playing it immediately after installing it. Actually, the player can always get into the game and start playing anytime with much ease. Meanwhile, there is the Pro version which is highly upgraded with new features. Users can upgrade the free BC Blackjack to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experience (no ads displayed). One can even go ahead to experience highly defined game settings, different modes of practice (about three of them) besides getting a chance to unlock top-leveled tables.

Compatible Devices for BC Blackjack app game

It is clear that the nature of this amazing game requires a highly-operational platform that displays consistent performance. Keeping in mind the high quality formation that has been adopted into the game; this explains the need of using compatible devices like iPad, iPod touch and iPhone for this app. Essentially, the user will be required to have installed iOS 8.0 or any latest version of operating system in order to enjoy continuous output from the game.

Distinct Features

It is clear that the BC Blackjack game comes with unique features both for the free version and the upgraded one (Pro version). Here are notable features from this amazing app:


Built-in game trainer

This absolutely makes this game to be quite easy to understand through getting the right strategies to apply for the game. The strategy charts also provide a great learning experience thus equipping the player with essentially required skills.

Get into real casino game

The total experience gained from BC Blackjack resembles the real exposure into the world of casino game play. Actually, it is noticeable that the cards are actually full sized with the table and chips displaying great quality in 3D. Each feature is highly defined to give the player high quality performance displayed on the screen.

A chance to place bets

At the advanced levels, BC Blackjack app offers a platform where one can place different bets relating to provision of money, surrender value and even taking the insurance approach. Surprisingly, the player can be lucky enough to win such bets!

Enjoy absolutely free chips

This is a unique feature that one cannot get from other related apps. Actually, the user doesn’t have to wait in order to get such chips. They come at no cost at all and there is no waiting at all!

Historical charts based on performance

It is always good to track the record of results displayed so that they can act as a major boost for improvement. This amazing game takes into account the performance of the player and play history. In Pro version, practice modes (soft totals, pairs and hard totals) are offered to help improve on different game areas.

Unique Features in BC Blackjack Pro version

While upgrading to the Pro version, the user will enjoy features like Ads-free platform, faster deals, starting with top-notch bankrolls, three practice modes and customized settings for the table that can allow quick access to highly-leveled tables.

Additionally, there are different table settings that the player will come across on the Pro version. Some allowed features include the hand totals, after hit, number of decks, max splitting aces, after split, 17 soft Rules from Dealer, max splits, late surrender, 10 Must match and even getting a draw each time the aces split.

Check below for the Pros and Cons experienced in BC Blackjack app:


· Continuous unstoppable gaming experience

· High quality theme and classical design

· Graphic effects and high resolution makes the game close to a real one

· Easy to understand with the aid of inbuilt trainer

· Chips are easily accessible- no paying anything


· Quite challenging for a novice player

· It tends to simulate gambling activities

Final Verdict

Getting a classic and captivating game of cards that gives incomparable experience is not only worth playing but also absolutely fascinating. BC Blackjack, a 5-star rated game app from Bedrock Code LLC offers the total gaming experience the player can need. Its unique design, high resolution adaptations, easy-to-understand approach and exceptional performance makes it a totally unique app. Download it now on App Store and place the next move!

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