Managing contacts, especially when you are in a business, can get tedious and challenging at times. One-Tap Contacts Lite is the perfect solution to this problem. This iOS app is a complete contacts manager which includes your entire Google address book along with clean-up from duplication and back up.

To put it simply, this app shall take the contacts of your Google address book to synchronize it into a single app contact s book. Further, it will also check for any matching names and phone numbers to eliminate duplicate entries. The end result is a tidy contacts book with a single entry for each contact with details of phone, mobile, website address and email.

Besides just compiling all your contacts, One-Tap Contacts Lite also helps your manage it better. It can manage groups, sharing, favorite lists, contact lists, address book, text messaging and even calling. To facilitate these, it has its own integrated dial pad.

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Working with contacts using this app is very easy. You can delete, add and edit contacts without much effort. You also have the option of importing contacts from vCard, QR code, Gmail or an Excel spreadsheet. There is a personal profile where you can add your personal details such as email address, company name, phone number, title and other details for your business card. Select an avatar for yourself as well.

There is one feature that stands out the most in this app. This is the one-click to call facility. Using this feature, you can visit a person’s personal webpage, send messages, display an address on a map- all with just one single click or tap. Send out multiple SMS texts to a group of people with one tap. This feature comes in handy often.

You can search your contacts for a specific contact by entering the company title or name, contact name, or email address with a single tap. Sharing contacts is also facilitated with one click. One-Tap Contacts Lite uses a unique QR code feature to create and scan your colleagues and new contacts. Besides these, it has an anniversary and birthday reminder to keep you in sync with important dates.

The Lite version of this app has a few limitations. However, considering that it is free, it offers quite many features indeed. Its smart management features allow you complete flexibility with your groups and circles. You can create, remove or edit contacts without much effort. There is a lot that you can do to make your contact list suit your requirements with this app.

One-Tap Contacts Lite makes your iOS address book convenient and easy to maintain. Organize contacts, send out group texts and share contacts with ease using this app. Your data is well organized and secure with this app. Connect better with your friends and colleagues. The paid version of this app also has other features like contacts backup and mere.  Overall, with its great features and smart management, One-Tap Contacts Lite is the perfect solution for iOS address books and contact lists.

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