TikTok and Snapchat are responsible for making short-form video mainstream, and naturally viral challenges became super popular. Whether it’s cats dancing, celebrity impressions or sporting challenges, we love friendly competition online.

Compete is a social media app built entirely on this premise, and it’s incredibly fun. Even if you haven’t got a traditional ‘talent’ per se, there’s going to be a competition you can join in, there’s even one for cute pets!

You find a competition, create your 15-second video and use that to enter! The video editor baked into the app gives you options for music, effects and more to add an extra finishing touch to your videos. Once you’ve entered, other users vote, like and comment on your videos and the winner gets up to $5000!

You don’t need to compete to have fun, though! It’s absolutely fine to simply browse trending content and individual categories, cast your vote, comment and share videos to your other social accounts. There’s even an award for ‘best judge’ – does it sound like you?

Compete aims to bring fun and authenticity back to social media. It wants to do away with the fictional ‘best life’ personas many of us create for social media. Be yourself – no matter how weird – and have fun competing with others around the world.

Visit the App Store, Google Play or www.competeapp.net for more information! Must watch video about the App..