Do you enjoy gaming on your mobile? If yes, then this app is definitely for you. Unlike the usual boring games, this app is awesome and would take your gaming thirst to the next level. You would have an awesome experience playing it. Magical Hunt is a great time killer that will keep you on hold for hours together. It is a scavenger hunt game that gives you a new experience. 

Given by Ronald Mcclellan, Magical Hunt is a game that belongs to the Entertainment/Adventure category and is available to download for both iOS and Android users. It is neatly designed and is so colorful and easy to use. The app is suitable for all those in the family including the kids and the adults. It comes as a free game that is designed to be played inside the Magical theme parks in California/Florida. It includes 2 free sample park packs. 

The app works as the Game Host creates a hunt code. The person who organizes the game will be allowed to create a hunt code that can start at some point in the future and for a certain time frame. Later, the person who hosts the game will have to send the hunt code to all the team players who play the game. The code can be circulated through text, email or other social means. The team members can use the code to enter the game at the hunt start time. The hunt items will be the same for each Hunt Code but will be presented in a different order for each team. Once the hunt begins, the game would be a lot of fun. The team with the most points wins the game as it expires. 

Magical Hunt offers many hunt items in each park pack that include several categories like Rides, Finding Items, Eating Yummy Treats, Photos and Purchasing Items. The app allows you to explore and enjoy the parks in a manner that you would have never experienced before. It also assists you in learning more about the park. It comes with more than 1000+ scavenger hunt items among the different Disney parks. It is free for download and comes with in-app purchases that offer Disneyland – California, Disney’s California Adventure, Disney World Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios each for a price of $6.99.

When you have any queries, you can contact the team at Magical Hunt is a wonderful game that gives you a great outdoor experience while you play it indoors. It helps you to engage with other members of the family and friends in a creative and fun way. You would have a great time and love to play Magical Hunt every time. Download the app and get gaming like never before. 

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