If you are a music buff, then you will be well aware of the time and effort it takes in following a number of bands. Yet, at the same time, you cannot but do so. Now, your work has been made simple and easy with Rouse! This iPhone app brings together music, videos, tweets and pictures from your favorite bands and artists under one app.

With an increasing number of social networks today, it has become all the harder for fans to keep up with their favorite bands and artists. At times, you do not know which ones to follow and which ones not to follow. Rouse now solves this problem for you by aggregating a variety of content from various social networks and putting them into one app. Rouse combines content with convenience and ease of use for die-hard fans.

Rouse has many exciting features that make it unique. For one, it combines videos, pictures and tweets from artists on leading social networks into one place. Besides that, it also brings you news, artist bios and schedules with the chance to purchase tickets to their concerts. You also get access to stream and buy music as per songs or albums. Avail of fan videos, pictures and chat too through this iPhone app.


If you have a band of your own or produce some music, then Rouse is the perfect platform for you. You can submit videos, music and much more for others to view. This way, you can get discovered and also get exposure to the talent around you.


Through this iPhone app, you can also meet other fans. Get to know what other fans have to say about your favorite bands and artists. This app also has real-time social updates of those bands or artists which you choose to follow. You can also check-in to live concerts and events to taste the excitement along with friends. Feel the adrenaline rush and high that music aloe can rouse within you. You can share and view pics, videos and keep up with fan chatter.


Rouse makes the process of purchasing and streaming music so much simpler. It is integrated with iTunes and Spotify so that you can download music with just a few clicks. By combining music with social networking, this app stands out among the many in its niche.

The user interface is extremely user friendly and intuitive to work with. You can add a band or artist that you wish to follow onto your rousing list with just one click. The updates and Wall are indeed done well. It integrates a number of features to allow you to download music without any hassles. Uploading your own music to get discovered is also very easy. All the features work just perfectly and are in tune.

Rouse saves you the trouble of having to visit various social networks to follow your favorite artists. If you are among those music fans who would go to any length to know what your favorite artists are upto, then this is just the app for you.

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