Record maintenance has been a task on its own when it comes to small time businessmen and accountants handling records of multiple clients. Imagine the plight of maintaining all the letters, invoice and simple bills of month long business trip and explain all to the accountants to settle advances and claims. Even if you manage to bring them safe finding the right document in whole bunch of bills is another task on its own. LedgerDocs is a simple cloud computing based document management application which provides you with virtual space to store your documents and retrieve them as and when you require.

LedgerDocs :

LedgerDocs offer great savings in time, space and great deal of security in storing and sharing your documents. It is a kind of digital filing system where one can store their document like bank statements, letters, receipts etc digitally in the virtual space with tags and indexes to retrieve data in an organized manner. Uploading of document can be done from anywhere in no time as the application can be accessed using your android / iPhone. Thus, one need not worry about carrying all the receipts copies all the way to your office/storage space. In case an accountant manages your records then the receipts can be sent instantly for storage. The application can take almost all the document format like PDF, JPG, XLS etc for storage. It is easy to work with all the document all the simple utilities like zoom, rotate etc to work with browsing a document is incorporated in the visual interface of the application.

The application breaks the monotony of looking at records the traditional way, encouraging you to work with a better mindset looking at a colorful application. Organizing your records is made easy by customizing the folders and subfolders as per your need. The most special feature of the application is the ability to form association and tags to folders and documents. A number of predefined tags are available for those which are in common use apart from which accountants can form their own tags for ease of book keeping. Finding records is made easy in the application as it allows the user to form complex criteria to narrow down to the document you want based on features like tags, date etc.

Data Security :

The cumbersome process of sending document to person who needs access through email attachments is made easy in this application by the option of granting/revoking privilege/rights to that person. If you are managing a larger business and want to provide time to time access to your accountants then invite can be sent to them in easy steps. Thus, sharing of data and documents is instant. Your documents are secure in the virtual space as all the documents are 256 bit SSL secured. Backing up your data can also be done easily on regularly basis even daily to prevent loss of data. Mobile application provides you the power of carrying all your documents on the go, helping you with greater mobility and flexibility.
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