Marketing Inception app helps you to successfully brainstorm before starting your marketing campaign, and coming up with a marketing plan. It helps you in identifying who your target audience is and how to capture them. It is available at i-tunes store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; with versions of iOS 4.0 or later.

The idea is pretty simple. It starts by identifying the three core areas of any marketing campaign which are; identifying your target market, how you want to engage them and the way you want to convey your message or ideas to your target market. The app does so by giving you the option to choose from a series of flash cards for all the three steps. You can flick through the cards one step at a time. The first step is identifying your desired clients; who could be first time audience, passing traffic, working moms and so one. Once you are done with that you see how you will engage them; this could be through promotions, giving them bonus or other strategies which these flash cards will offer you.

Lastly, you decide what promotional methods you will use to engage these audiences. You can convey your message to them through blog posts, or mail-outs etc. Just by going through multiple series of flash cards you get your whole marketing campaign designed, in a very short span of time. Apart from designing the campaign there are other help topics too. As you click on the ‘topics’ link you can read various short how-to and why articles which can be of further help. Although it is a great designing app the downside to it is that it does not let you save the campaigns.

This ios app lets you think outside the box. It transforms the way you have been brainstorming so far. As you methodically choose each card, it gives you the advantage of planning your next step in comparison to the last one. As all the cards that you chose are displayed at the bottom of the screen you can always review and alter the cards. It provides the foundation a successful and profitable marketing plan. All the flash cards have proven marketing and advertising principles. You can brainstorm a number of campaigns within a few minutes. Since the flash cards have a great variety you can always go back to the app and continuously come up different marketing campaigns.  This app can be used by practically anyone and is equally beneficial to marketing managers or marketing students both. You can use it as you start a new business, grow with this app and as your marketing needs evolve over a period of time you can always go back to ‘marketing inception’ and benefit from its idea generating power. The short articles in the ‘topics’ link work as an auxiliary benefit.

It is a clever iphone app, easy to use and definitely an impressive brainstorming tool. At an introductory price of $0.99 it is well worth the price.

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