Going out for a movie is a favorite pastime activity to all of us.  But how much information do you actually know and remember about these movies? Introducing the Cool Movie Quiz, an exciting application from Mobile champs LLC for the iPod, iPad and iPhone touch devices which challenges, tests and rewards its players to resolve tuff movie trivia questions by its icon. They challenge your brain and mind to know how good you are a movie buff.


The puzzle game features four main categories that include foreign films, Top movies, Romantic and Animation Movies. The top movies section show casts most popularly known classic blockbusters and critically acclaimed art house classics.  The users can also find best picture nominees like Silver Lining Playbook and Argo.  The foreign movie section features world theatre classics like Britain’s The Queen while the latest and super hit 3D animation movies are listed under Animation movie section.


There are hundreds of movies in the Cool Movie Quiz bank; some are easy while others are more tricky and challenging. As the game progresses the challenge increases and level after level, the players need to go through more complicated movie list to deal with. Every time the user answers a question, they will earn points which can be used to fetch hint or help in other levels. More the points the more help you get.


The app has got five separate help lines for players who struck back on track. The ‘Resolve button’ on the help option lets the user connect with their Facebook or Twitter account and ask out for help from friends. Amongst your huge fan list there will definitely be someone who could help you out. The app brings endless fun for all movie fans.

Let’s have an in-depth look into the Cool Movie Quiz game app on Graphic and Navigation and General App Idea.


Graphics and Navigation

The graphics and icons are extremely eye catching and colourful. The clear and easy to understand navigation makes Cool Movie Quiz a great app for both kids and adults.  The app wording and icon text appear in right size for the perfect fun.

General App Idea

The basic idea behind the app is to offer its users a fun and memorable experience as well as test them on their movie knowledge update.  The developer definitely needs a word of appreciation to come up with this highly polished mobile gaming experience. He has also announced the upcoming update of the app with more dashing improvement on laughing ‘Comedy’, ‘Spanish and Sports movies, colorful ‘Indian movies’, intriguing ‘Documentaries’ and more.


While many similar applications on the current market are confusing and hard to use, the Cool Movie Quiz game comes with strong functional layout and design structure. If you really wish to give your brain a challenge, check out the Cool Movie Quiz game.

Good: Colorful design, extremely easy to use and understand, pleasure to play app for all ages

Bad: The app features make young children more addictive to the game.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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