Most games designed for kids are mainly fun and entertaining. However, there are a few that have learning activities incorporated in them at the theme level. Math Tales- The Jungle, an iOS app is an app that is both educational and entertaining. The learning features are incorporated in the form of numerical counting, logic operations, visual perception, interactive colors and spatial perception. It is an app that is here to help you improve the math skills of your child. It helps them develop quality math skills while also learning about the various animals that live in the jungle.


Developed by Marshmallow Games, Math Tales- The Jungle is more than just another story telling app. Most story and interactive apps are focused upon creating an interesting and enterprising environment for your kids to interact. This app, on the other hand, provides your kid with a set of tasks that have to be completed in order to achieve an end goal. All these tasks are math based and follow basic concepts such as colouring, numbers and logical sequences. The integration of the story line with these tasks is what sets Math Tales- The Jungle apart from all other apps.


Another simple yet essential feature of this app is its simplicity and ease of use. The interface and navigation have been designed keeping children in mind. There are no directions to follow or complex menus and tabs. Kids will find it easy to use and have fun with it.

Math Tales- The Jungle gets started with the lion king telling the other animals of the jungle that a friend of theirs is about to return home and hence it is time to begin party preparations. All this is said in rhyme and simple language. Following this short introduction, the game then leads to the first of the 9 chapters. Each chapter introduces a new animal with a story and provides the players with three mini-games, each of which is focused on a unique math skill. These tasks are simple ones like colouring balloons and sorting out flags for a banner and courting ingredients and sorting animals by size. All the puzzles are very basic and focused on essential math skills. The progress to the next chapter can be made only upon completion of all the tasks of the previous one.


Another thoughtful feature of this app is the parents sections. This section is protected by a simple match equation to prevent your child from accessing it. Each time you access it, this equation changes. This section provides you with information about the game and about the core concepts that this game focuses on.

The current version of Math Tales- The Jungle is version 3.0 that is 154 MB in size. It is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later versions and is supported by the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It is available in three major languages- English, Spanish and Italian. It is available for download from the App Store for $2.99 at present. If you are looking to improve the math skills of your kid in a fun way, this app is just what you need.

Good: Simple user interface

Bad: None

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