When you are sleeping, you are away from all the worries and anxieties of the world. You are the sole leader of your dreams and want yourself to be driven effortlessly. But it’s always a fantasy of one to see how he/she looks while sleeping. Of course, creating a video of oneself is a good idea if you can watch each second of that eight hour long bore video patiently. So, why don’t you try creating an art of your sleeping cycle! Looks exciting, isn’t it? I don’t want to know if I snore during my sleep or not, but I want something unique to be taken out of regular sleep. That’s where Ibis Sleep Art comes in for the play.


I am talking about the new iOS app, Ibis Sleep Art that has been developed by ACCOR. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later version of the OS. The app has also been optimized for iPhone 5. I know it leaves you wondering on how can you be creative while sleeping, but just read on and you’ll know how they do it.


The app actually traces your different movements during your sleep and presents your different positions in the form of an artistic painting. Since tracing the movement requires accelerometer to be active during whole night, therefore it is advised to keep the phone plugged in. Also, place the phone near you such that it is neither too far nor too close and a safe distance is maintained. All you need to do is set an alarm time and when you wake up; you will be greeted with a beautiful painting crafted on the canvas of your screen. But if you take a close look, you’ll figure out that each pattern signifies your movements during the night. Moreover, you can see the formation of the painting at different time frames by just sliding the cursor at the bottom.


The paintings are really beautiful and one can’t say that your movements can even be represented in this beautiful manner. A look at them and you are ready to take a fresh new start to your day. But what makes me a little concerned is that for how many days we can keep doing this. I mean it’s okay for first few days to be looking at your awkward movements from an artist’s glasses, but then you just get fed up and want to move on. There is no practical significance of the app. Though there is an in-app alarm which could lead this app to a better position, the developers haven’t quite emphasized on its use with only one alarm tone available.


The app is available for free in the App Store. So, I would ask you to try this one because it’s obviously very different and costs you nothing for an ad free version.

Pros: nice graphics; unique; free.

Cons: no practical significance.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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