webstartCreating a website is almost a dream next door. Every second person alive on this planet wants to feature himself or his content on a website and hopes that soon he will be earning millions with it. But the reality is far different from this imagination. Even after the powerful Google Adsense program changing the lives of many; it’s still very difficult to earn a decent amount of money. You have to publish unique content from time to time as well as take care of the SEO work which ultimately controls the traffic to your site. But the first step of building the website is still the most important one and works as the building block of your online career. There are many website designers available online, but what if you could get something brilliant for free!

I am talking about one of the latest web apps called Web Start Today. It is a website builder tool which anyone can use without any technical knowledge. All you need to do is sign up on their website www.webstarttoday.com .  The process is pretty simple. After signing up, you need to enter some information about your website and the particular field it belongs to. This information will be used to select the most suitable design for you. You get to choose from over 1000+ designs which are all unique and designed by professionals.

On the top of it, you can customize these designs according to your requirements. You can change both text and pictures within seconds thanks to the simple tools of this web app. When you’re done with the customization and satisfied with the changes, you can publish your website directly and make it go live. It’s really as simple as you just read.

The main point is that the web app is offering all these services for free. Of course, there are paid plans as well but what we’ve discussed so far is also a part of the free plan. There is just one major limitation that you won’t get a domain of your choice but a sub-domain of the type (businessname.WebStartToday.com). If you want a domain name of your choice, you may subscribe to their plans of either $9.99/month of $99.99/year.

So far what we discussed was some already prepared stuff which automatically excludes any possibility of uniqueness. In the present scenario when there are more website owners than website designers, uniqueness is a must have feature. To counter this problem, Web Start Today offers you an option to “hire a pro” at $399 which includes the hosting fee and domain name for the first year. The designer will be someone professional and you can submit your requirements to them and get the final feedback.

On the whole, I think Web Start Today is really a powerful web designing tool for all. Their free designs were truly amazing and customizable as well. You really need to check this out if you’re planning to start your own website any soon.

Pros: free designs; customizable pages; publish your website for free on sub-domain; cheap paid plans; separate designers available.

Cons: none.

 Easy to use website builder webapp :  WebStartToday