To be frank, I am not an obese person but I am not completely fit too. So, I decided to join a Gym. But due to time constraint, it was just impossible for me to take out some more time from my schedule. I also couldn’t perform the exercises by myself at home as it needs expert supervision to perform them accurately. It was bad luck for me, but not for anyone from you anymore as the right solution has reached the market.

Complete Gym Guide is an IOS app developed by Miniz. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is a complete package to guide you at each and every step of more than 110 individual exercises. The app includes a number of exercises in different categories and each category is further divided into sub-categories. You can select any one of them and a detailed process to perform that exercise with images will be presented on your screen. The explanation is so clear that it will be instantaneous for you to learn the technique.

Each person performs only a limited no. of defined exercises defined according to weight, size, etc. Also, when there are more than 110 individual exercises, then it becomes a tedious task to find the ones you are looking for. Therefore, the developer has given you an option to mark the exercises you perform most often as your favorite so that they will be stored in a different folder separately for easy access. Also, there are nine performance calculators to enhance your diet control and fitness level. They also assist you in determining weights to be used for exercising.

The app is really very well designed. The user interface is very intuitive and simple. The graphics are very expressive. The illustrations and descriptions are well written. The most notable feature is completely independent descriptions for each exercise. There are many instances where we get to see the complete description for first and for rest, only the major differences are given. This generates a problem of referring back to the same exercise again and again. Also, the favorites section is a good shortcut to your frequently performed exercises.

As we said, it is a complete package. There is no need to refer any other book or fitness guide, everything is already there. However, if you need instructions regarding any other exercise not covered in this app, you may refer to a book or gym instructor. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert trainer, you will surely be benefited with this app. The app is priced at $1.99 which is very fair in comparison with the feature loaded app. However, there could be a feature where a link would be available to the user from within the app. The link would lead to a video tutorial for the particular exercise. This will further help in the elaboration.

Pros:  complete package, detailed descriptions with illustrations, intuitive user interface.

Cons:  absence of video tutorials.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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