The most stressful feeling in the world is that when you’re not successful in your life and you are unable on yourself to find a way for it. I have faced a similar situation in my life and it really is a very tough or you can say the toughest period of your life. Days are long and nights are sleepless. You are not confident in yourself and the only thing that you can expect is some good luck. These are the days when you need some proper guidance from your relatives but ‘wise’ relatives or friends who can give you a good advice on structuring your future. That’s why it is often profitable if you attend seminars and conferences of some of the experts in your field. They not only widen your approach towards the opportunities but also motivate you to grab them. That’s where iLiving App seems to be a brilliant show with good cast.

iLiving App is one of the most innovative, affordable and motivational movileapp with a professional suit. What you get from iLiving App is not just limited to one word. You can open a whole new world for yourself once you login to their program. All you have to do is login to and it’s your own choice whether you want to go for a free plan or opt for a paid one with some premium features.

With iLA, you get access to many videos by experts that are well recognized and established in the market and share their experience as well as motivate you in such a manner that you can’t afford to resist listening to them. When I had first enrolled myself for their program, I was myself not convinced about it and it was merely by luck that I convinced myself. But after looking at their content, I was myself thinking that words have powers if aimed with accuracy.

All these weekly videos are available for the free customers as well, but if you upgrade to their retail or associate accounts, you get access to a video vault where you can find many more quality videos; articles meant for the same; a personal website designed for you; and over the top, ability to earn. Their referral system allows you to earn while being a part of their program. We have seen this referral system in the past as well, so it’s nothing new but a good source of money if you’re good with your convincing power. The biggest thing was that retail account is available for $6.95 and associate account is available for $9.95; so much affordable that you can’t even think for a business program.

Overall, I think this is a must have app. Though it is not perfect as there need to be some changes in the so called “personal website” which gives more of a public feeling; other than that almost everything is above par. So I would ask you’ll to join this program. It is of great benefit.

Pros: inspirational videos; get access to the old videos in archive; affordable pricing; ability to earn.

Cons: None

Apps400 Rating :  *  *  *  *

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