The Smart Finger, a distance-measuring device

It is well known that going back into the history of measurements and we understand that in the ancient times, body parts used to be the standard for measurements; hence ‘a foot’. The global need for uniformity actually paved way for the metric and imperial systems that are now commonly used.

Mostly basic instincts still make us want to use ‘a span’, ‘two finger spaces’ or ‘an arm’s length’; old habits die hard I guess! To resolve this and bridge the gap between digital accuracy and human approximations is the Smart Finger. It is a device that caps your thumb and forefinger and uses the signals relayed between the two finger points to calculate the measurement.

The Smart Finger is made from silicon to offer a comfortable fit to any finger size. It can adeptly help measure length, breadth, and volume in a very intuitive way through simple button operations. The distance is calculated on the basis of the time taken by the signal to beam from one finger tip to the other and back. The measured distance is displayed through LED.

Additionally the device sports 2 buttons that help display the measurements in different units, record and store the measurement, calculate volume and area plus view the information in text format.

Arlo Video Doorbell

This exciting product provides a good balance between price, premium features, and usability, Arlo’s Video Doorbell is best choice if you want a high-quality smart doorbell that works reliably without being annoying.

It can tell the difference between people, animals, vehicles, and packages, and only sending you the notifications you want – means you don’t get an alert every time a strong breeze sends a plastic bag down the street.

Being able to create motion zones – so you get alerted only when someone is in them – and the option to turn off all alerts when you are home ensures a smart doorbell doesn’t become just another electronic annoyance but a useful security tool.