Generally we will love to guess what is inside the closed pots, or in some other closed things. If our guess is right, then it would make us much happy. Even betting also happen by guessing the things which is inside the closed object. If we have this kind of games on our iphone, it will even more good. Yes, I would like to review such kind of iphone game called  “Lost Pearl”

Lost Pearl is a kids liking iphone game available on itunes  and can be played in ipad and ipod touch too. Let me tell my thought about this game. Lost pearl has been developed by the Hill stone animation studio game development company, they are masters in PC game world.

Lost pearl is a magnificent puzzle game to improve your concentration , especially for kids.  In game play, there are three or five sea shell in the screen but only one shell has a pearl in it where all the shells are in closed stage.  As per game instruction, player has to guess, in which shell the pearl resides. Game seems much easy in starting stage and will trigger challenges in further rounds.

In preliminary game round, A shell will open and flicker the pearl, then  shells have been puzzled in a slow manner, so that easy to find which shell contains the pearl in first attempt. When game starts travel to more levels, shells will have been puzzled very fast and without a sharp concentration player can not find the pearl.  Pity thing is,  on successful finding player will move to next level if fails, will move to lower level.

Cool images and graphics are adds spices to the game play. Lost Pearl has more than 150+ levels to play , so game definitely would not a discourage with minimum levels. Really worth playing brain puzzle game available at cheap cost of $0.99.

Rating of the Game :    *  *  *  *

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