English is the most spoken language in the world. Whether it’s professionalism or a general chat, it adds a final touch to your personality. That’s why, it is now considered for you to be equally learned in English as technical education. Similarly, technology is playing a big role in every aspect of our life. Then, how could this area be left untouched? Yes, you are right! English learning is no more a boring process. Especially when you are playing a tic-tac-toe against a tough opponent whose skills are as hot as the cold chills of glaciers.

We are talking about the new iOS app, Tykwa Eng, designed by FormFarm for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and require iOS 5.1 or later version. The standout feature of the app is its teaching structure/pattern and full credit goes to the developer. You will never feel that you are under a learning procedure. You will be playing a tic-tac-toe game against the computer. But it’s not as simple as that. You will earn a box on the board only if you answer the question of that box correctly. If not, it belongs to the opponent. The question may be a phrase, a tense or a regular or irregular verb, depending upon the choice of level you have opted.

The app is very simply crafted and easy to use. We really liked the interface and the way, the board was designed with all the tenses perfectly aligned in the right directions. The difficulty of the levels is appreciable and it’s really a tough task for even a good teacher to clear the higher levels. Also, the app covers a wide range of verbs and over 200 phrases which really counts practically. The game center keeps track of your high scores, an obvious requirement.
The app comes with a price label of $2.99. Although it seems a little bit high at first sight, but the utility value of the app justifies it completely. It has also been tested on students of different intellectual levels and the results prove the story. Though the multiplayer mode is unavailable for now, but the developers are likely to get it in the next updates. Also, more no. of verbs and phrases are to be included.

We really liked the app. First, it is quite a fun to play the game. Second, the wide range of content covered by the developers packs a strong punch from the bottom. The app is purposeful and delivers what you ask for. Also, it suits for every category of user; whether he’s a beginner or an expert one, it is for everyone. We will recommend it with a big smile.

Pros: good concept, efficient learning process, wide no. of verbs and phrases, simple interface.
Cons: a little bit high priced and non-availability of multiplayer mode.
For all of them, eager to learn the language, this is your destination!

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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